las-vegas-signFor anything of note that happens at the World Series of Poker (and for tons of things that aren’t really of note), there’s a hoard of people just waiting to photograph it, blog about it, tweet about it or whatever-the-media-trend-of-the-minute-is about it. Below you’ll find our suggestions for who to follow if you’re interested in WSOP coverage, the angle they specialize in, and where to find them.

Of course, you can find daily wrap ups and photo dumps from us here; you can also find our WSOP feature articles here (including schedules, strategy and vegas guides).

World Series of
Best for chip counts, official news and updates and plenty of live video – if you’re into the scorekeeping side of things, this is your site. Visit

WC focuses more on the details that make the WSOP a fascinating sociological event, altho they also have summary stories posted throughout the day. They’re also home to one of the best photo collections on the web – Girls on The Rail. Visit WC.

Pokerati breaks stories like few blogs do, and if there’s anything brewing at the WSOP, you’ll generally find mention of it here first. It’s also a blog with a great, personal tone that really communicates the ups and downs of multiple weeks spent covering the WSOP. Visit Pokerati.

Bluff Magazine
Bluff will have articles, summaries and the like, but the real draw for visitors this year is the site’s streaming of multiple WSOP final tables. With ESPN only broadcasting a few FTs this year, catching the FTs live may be your only chance to see them at all. Visit Bluff.

Poker Road
PokerRoad has a pretty massive presence at the WSOP this year, and the result is a ton of quality content in various formats. You’ll find tons of twitter updates, live podcasting, videos and more, all in a loose, irreverent, entertaining style. Visit PokerRoad.

Seeing the eyes of the WSOP through an individual player’s eyes is an alternatively captivating and dulling experience. There are a couple of blogs we prefer that ought to lean more often to the captivating side of things – Shane ‘Shaniac’ Schleger blogs here and favors narratives and observations over hands and strategy; Tony ‘Bond18’ Dunst blogs here and also offers a good mix of story and strat, with a bit more hand discussion than Shane. Dr. Pauly blogs here and is all story, with a penchant for tales of the degenerate.

There’s also the 2+2 MTT community forum, which isn’t a blog per se’ but becomes a sort of community blog during large events like the WSOP. Poker Prof keeps the commentary to a minimum and lets his generally excellent photography do the work. Finally, PTP has more than a few members out at the WSOP, and a handful are blogging about their experiences; you can browse PTP blogs here.