Want the action of poker but don’t want to sit at the virtual felt? Check out our guide to finding a good place to play online video poker.

About the game

Video poker has been around in brick and mortar casinos since the 1970s, and eventually migrated to online platforms. Generally based on the five-card draw variant of poker, a player places a bet to start the game. Five cards are dealt, then like real poker, a player decides to discard one or more cards in order to make a better poker hand. Players are then paid if they have a winning combination for the version of video poker they are playing. Hands and their hierarchy are the same as in regular poker — pair, two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, four of a find, straight flush and royal flush. You can learn more about the basics and nuances of the game here: Video poker. You win more for better hands, and some games include progressive jackpots.

Where to play?

If you want to play online, there are a variety of online casinos to choose from. The best place to start, rather than going directly to a casino, would be to visit an online casino gambling review site that has reviews for a number of top online casinos to choose from.

One such site is Mapleleafcasino.ca. The site allows players to compare different casinos, including deposit bonuses, VIP programs, number and types of games available reviews and promotions, among other items. Some sites offer larger bonuses to start playing, while some have better programs for players after they have signed up.

For example the Spin Palace casino review talks about them having one of the biggest selections of games on the internet, shows their welcome bonus and promotions and check out the hits and miss section of the review to see what they really liked and really did not about this casino. Read the review now

Using a site like Maple Leaf Casino also allows players to feel secure about depositing and playing with their money at online casinos: “We guarantee that all of the casinos here are licensed, certified, and have years of experience in the business providing safe & fair entertainment for their customers.”

Why video poker?

If you like the action of poker, but you don’t want to burden yourself with the level of thinking and time it takes to succeed in online poker, then video poker may be for you. Video poker allows players to enjoy the game with just a basic level of knowledge and doesn’t require constant attention to a number of variables. All you have to worry about is your bet size and creating the best poker hand possible.

The house generally has an edge in all casino games, although video poker gets closer to an even proposition than any other game. If you play the game optimally and pick out the games with the best pay tables, you can do well in the long run.