Do political statements have a place at poker tournaments? And some high-stakes chat turns heads. It’s all in the week’s most interesting threads in the world of poker forums.

Controversial T-shirts

Thread: Controversial T-shirt wearing at Super High Roller – NO POLITITARDING

Olivier Busquet and Dan Colman caused quite a stir at the European Poker Tour Baecelona Super High Roller, especially when they ended up going heads-up. They wore T-shirts that said “Save Gaza” and “Free Palestine” referring to the Israeli conflict. PokerStars said they should not have allowed them to wear those shirts at the tournament. Thoughts?

jungleman’s hitman?

Thread: Jungleman using “hitmen” to collect debts?
Some random lines of chat between Dan “jungleman12” Cates and Noah Boeken during a high-stakes session garnered a lot of social media activity, specifically a reference to a hitman. We kind of doubt any people are getting murdered, though.

Quantum reloads

Thread: My open letter to Adam Pliska (WPT president) regarding quantum reload in wpt sponsored events

So, the newest thing in live poker is apparently the concept of buying into day 2 of a tournament, and skipping day 1. This sounds like a really bad idea to us. Weigh in on the innovation from the World Poker Tour here.

Poker not a sport

Thread: Is poker a sport?
We’re not sure why this is a surprise, but poker was the thing that was considered least like a sport out of a list of other things that aren’t really sports, like chess and competitive eating.