The reaction to PokerStars’ shenanigans have reached a fever pitch. And Phil Ivey might be selling marijuana soon. It’s all in the week’s most interesting threads in the world of poker forums.

Negreanu and PokerStars

Thread: Negreanu’s statement on rake increases
Thread: Petition for the Poker Hall of Fame to rescind its induction of Negreanu
Thread: Poll: Petition for Daniel Negreanu to quit Pokerstars

The most popular topic of discussion on the forums continues to be the clusterf*** started by PokerStars, by rolling out a bunch of changes in quick succession that aren’t very popular with the poker-playing populace. PokerStars pro Daniel Negreanu defends the recent moves by PokerStars, and not shockingly, the poker community goes apes***. Clearly he’s not getting taken out of the Hall of Fame, but he has quickly lost his revered standing with a lot of poker fans/players. Unless he does as the last thread suggests, and quits PokerStars to stand up for players.

Beyond the DNegs fallout, there were these two threads, as well:

Thread: PokerStars increasing rake, ending BoP promo, …. who will become the new #1 site?
Thread: Don’t Give In To Amaya(5th of November Protest)

Will the poker community actually band together and force action on PokerStars’ part, with the protest or by switching sites?

Ivey bets pot

Thread: Phil Ivey growing weed
Well, not yet, techincally, but he is well on his way to selling medicinal marijuana. Insert your own jokes.