Florida voters passed Amendment 3 in the 2018 U.S. midterm elections, Arkansas voters approved casino activities in several counties, and a number of regulated U.S. iGaming analysts could be preparing to scurry from unregulated PokerStars prop bets.

Florida Voters Approve Amendments 3 and 13

A joint lobbyist effort between the Seminole Tribe of Florida and Walt Disney Co had paid huge dividends by Tuesday night Eastern Time, as Sunshine State voters approved Florida Amendment 3 by a 71% ballot box mandate — easily surpassing the 60% “super majority” required to pass the measure.

Florida Amendment 3 will effectively remove a statewide legislative workaround model that is being utilized in a small number of U.S. jurisdictions to override voter referendum mandates put in place to halt commercial gambling efforts from non-tribal gambling establishments, the racing industry, and several powerful iGaming interests.

As a result, federally-compacted gaming entities led by the Seminole Tribe have won a key victory, retaining a pseudo-monopoly over casino activities while driving a virtual nail into the coffin of commercial gambling expansions in Florida — at least in the foreseeable future.

Florida Voters

Although the legislation was labelled as a bad beat for Florida voters by the industry-facing Poker Alliance lobbyist group, former PPA Florida State Director Martin Shapiro urged Floridians to vote for the initiated constitutional amendment.

I am for Amendment 3 and for Amendment 13, Shapiro (aka PokerXanadu) told readers of the TwoPlusTwo Poker Legislation Forum on October 26th. “Both are good for live poker games, imo. Amendment 3 will keep out the slots from the race tracks, and may eventually result in the casino-style poker table games to be shut down, which will return the fish to the live poker tables.

Forum contributor snowman offered an opposing view. “It will kill poker. Prop 13 will ban and shut down all dog racing. Track owners will not pay the high overhead of those huge buildings for a small poker room. Surrounding businesses will suffer as well.

The Voters in Charge lobbyist group raised well over $30 million to fortify tribal gaming’s position in the Sunshine State. The Vote NO on 3 initiative arguably wasted $8 million in a landslide defeat.

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Arkansas Ballot Petitions Pass Voter Scrutiny

Lobbyists proved that gathering 96,170 signatures (at a canvassing cost of $384,680) and subsidizing numerous Secretary of State temp jobs (somebody had to verify all those signatures) was effective in persuading voters to approve an Arkansas casino petition that authorizes casino activity within several counties of the Natural State.

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Issue 4 was a hotly contested piece of gambling legislation, but was able to garner a slight majority according to partial ballot count data published by KARK-TV, Little Rock Tuesday evening.

Do Regulated iGaming Analysts Want Out of Unregulated Prop Bets?

Team PokerStars Online Pro and popular YouTube personality Jaime Staples has released a 12-minute video that seemingly confirms fears that were brought forth earlier this year by lead regulated iGaming analyst Steve Ruddock.

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DAY 1 RATINGS: 14,522 Views – 640 Likes, 24 Dislikes

Staples, who burst onto the scene in 2015 by becoming the second-most popular Twitch Poker streamer behind Jason Somerville, has once again become the topic of engaging debate this week — claiming front page status on the News, Views & Gossip board.

Media Techs (the parent company of Part Time Poker) supervising consultant Matt Kaufman was adamant in his criticism of the Staples brothers’ apparent triumph eight months ago, calling the original prop bet offer by PokerStars collaborator Bill Perkins nothing more than “a rich man paying young kids to f*** with their bodies for money and his entertainment.”

In fact, we placed our own coverage of the prop bet victory under editorial review back in April, but decided to keep it as-is since the feat was lauded (in all its contradictory re-splendor) by PokerNews, a subsidiary of PokerStars parent company The Stars Group.

With the potential downside of weight-based prop bets now clearly exposed and the Team PokerStars Online Pro arguably seeking a modification to the financial commitment he and his brother agreed to, the time could be right for more poker media contributors to publish their views on how such highly-touted wagers reflect upon “social responsibility” outreach within the gambling industry.

Do licensed iGaming affiliates really want to mix community peer pressure (that has nothing to do with actual “poker skill”) with the aspirational element of poker — and use that as a means to entice new players to make a real money deposit?

Could tying in goal-oriented achievements with social acceptance result in vulnerable consumers feeling pressured into ‘gambling more’ and linking their own poker results to their personal worth as a human being?

Should PokerStars be faulted for green-lighting its “Platinum Pass Adventure” promotion following Jaime’s #UltimateSweat success?

Eric Hollreiser PokerStars Twitch Dream

Eric Hollreiser – VP of Corporate Communications (The Stars Group)

These are just a few questions that TSG executive and Twitch Poker Dream sugar daddy Eric Hollreiser may need to eventually consider, as support for certain types of non-poker prop bets could predictably wane ahead of the 2019 EPT PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and PokerStars Players NL Hold’em Championship.

FEATURED IMAGE: Seminole Hard Rock Casino – Hollywood, Florida

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