Holz dominates the first event in the PokerStars Online High Roller Series. U.S. online gambling ban talk ramps up — again. Check out these stories and more in the Tuesday Hit and Run.

Fedor Holz Wins First PokerStars Online High Roller

Fedor Holz continues his run as the most active retiree in poker. Known for his live tournament winnings (over $26 million), Holz can also be a beast in the online game.

On Monday, Holz took down the first event of the PokerStars High Roller Series, winning the $2,100 event against 442 players for a $178,498 first place prize. Holz plays under the name “CrownUpGuy” on PokerStars.

The PokerStars Online Roller series kicked off on November 26th and will continue through December 4th with 22 high roller tournaments held over nine days.

Prominent Senators Ask For Online Gambling Ban

Less than a month after Pennsylvania passed online gambling legislation, a federal ban on online poker is again being discussed. Republican Lindsey Graham and Democratic Diane Feinstein sent a letter to U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein expressing concern that PA legislation and a shared liquidity agreement between three states could lead momentum for other states regulating online gambling.

While many consider regulated online gambling a good thing (more consumer protections, for instance) Graham and Feinstein don’t see it that way, saying that the games “prey on society’s most vulnerable.” Online Poker Report address some of the many issues in the Graham/Feinstein letter.

Quick Hitters

– By now you’re probably tired of hearing about Bitcoin (unless of course you own Bitcoin, but PokerStrategy’s Barry Carter says that poker players should pay attention to the cryptocurrency due to the significant impact it will have on the game.

– In his latest vlog, Doug Polk takes a look at the time Isidur lost $4.2 million in one day.

– PLO legend “cumicon” has allegedly retired from online poker and on his way out has posted a graph of his performance over the last five years, showing over $7 million in net wins.

– Alex Weldon just posted his latest breakdown of poker ranking leaderboards across the web.

– Grinderschool.com classic poker training video of the day discusses a variety of theory related topics in part 8 of the “March to $25NL” series.