Bet365 Poker is an unusual site in that it’s both a skin on the iPoker Network, and a partially independent site due to its Premium tables. Although they don’t make it entirely clear that’s what they are, any cash table or tournament with “Premium” in the name is for Bet365 players only, and does not appear in other skins on the network.

Naturally, Bet365 would like its users to play at those tables, because it does not have to share the rake thus collected with other sites. To that end, it will occasionally offer special promotions for play at Premium tables; these tend to be good value for the players, because they’re over and above any promotions offered by the network itself.

That’s the case this month, with Bet365 running its own Daily and Weekly Missions alongside iPoker’s Fireworks Missions. The network is handing out € 50,000 over the course of the month by way of all-in shootout tournaments, which players qualify for by completing missions. To this, Bet365 is adding an additional € 65,000 in prizes, through missions which are generally similar to the network-wide ones, but with goals involving play in Premium games.

The missions in question vary in difficulty and reward level, but tend to be fairly simple – playing a certain volume in a certain format, winning a certain number of hands, and so forth. There are a greater variety of rewards for Bet365’s missions; tickets to all-in freerolls are one possibility, but some missions will instead award tickets to scheduled tournaments, cash game vouchers usable only at Premium tables, and tickets to Premium Steps sit-and-goes.

Keep in mind that you need to opt in if you want to take advantage of the missions and earn your rewards. Fortunately, that’s as easy as clicking on the Missions tab in the Bet365 poker client, and then clicking the Start button for any mission you wish to attempt, up to four per day. In the case of the all-in freeroll tickets, also don’t forget that you still have to manually register for the freeroll using the ticket. They’ll expire if you don’t use them before the end of the promotion on October 2nd, but don’t have to be used any specific day. The € 500 and € 1,000 freerolls run daily, and the € 3,000 freerolls run weekly; these prize pools don’t depend on the number of players entering, so if you want to maximize your value, you might want to hang on to them until a slow day; just make sure you don’t end up sitting on more tickets than there are freerolls remaining to enter with them!

If you’re not already a Bet365 user, you can make it a triple play this month by claiming the site’s no-deposit welcome package and first deposit bonus on top of the network-wide and Bet365 Premium missions.