This week’s DAT Poker Podcast episode features discussion on whether poker sites should implement default Heads Up Displays (HUDs).

DAT Poker Podcast featuring $39 million live tournament cash prize winner Daniel Negreanu alongside poker personalities Adam Schwartz and Terrence Chan has officially released its third episode.


The trio spent more than an hour going over current event news items in the poker world this week, which included discussion about the Phil Ivey edge sorting cases, GTO vs. Exploitative poker play, and a recent six-figure haul by the world’s all time leading WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth on Poker After Dark.

However, debate over how best to protect recreational players eventually made its way onto the show. And one of the ideas that has been thrown around the poker industry over the years is whether to enable default Heads Up Displays for all online poker players on a particular site.

Default Heads Up Displays for Poker Sites? (Quotes & Timestamps)

Terrence Chan - Default Heads Up Displays

Terrence Chan, DAT Poker Podcast Co-Host

(1:02:28) Terrence Chan: One of the ideas that’s always been floated is, ‘What if the HUDs was in a sense built into the online poker site?’ This is potentially a very small-getting pebble that may roll into a big ball down a hill.

We start out by telling you, ‘Okay, you have 17 Big Blinds,’ not that you just have 44,375 [chips]. And then maybe at some point it becomes, ‘Oh, well you have this many M. This many blinds and antes around.’ And then maybe at some point that sort of becomes like, ‘Oh, the guy next to you has seen 29% of his flops.’

It may be the start of [ offering default Heads Up Displays] in poker, which a lot of people have argued makes poker a little bit more democratic. It takes away a lot of the advantage that the guys who have been buying all these expensive HUDs have had for a really long time.

Daniel Negreanu - Default Heads Up Displays

Daniel Negreanu, DAT Poker Podcast Co-Host

(1:03:20) Daniel Negreanu: I think this might be a little bit controversial but along those lines, I think this is something we’re going to look at in the future. With online poker [the question] is, ‘Do we want to take new players (or recreational [players]) and educate them so that they play better poker?’

‘Is there value in that?’ So the question is, a lot of these players who play now, it’s not like 2004. They deposit, they don’t come back. They have a bad experience, they lose or whatever, they’re not coming back.

Now if we were to educate them just a little bit and help them get better so that they might not be winning players but they at least feel like they’re learning something or taking their game to the next level, you’ll have the pushback from some of the people in the professional community might be like, ‘Oh, well why do we educate the fish?’ It’s like, ‘Well, you want to educate them enough so that they keep coming back. So they exist, right?’

(1:04:05) Adam Schwartz: And then people will say, ‘Well, people will get better.’ Well, you can get better, too. So that’s the way it should be.

(1:04:10) Terrence Chan: Yeah, a really strong dedicated player who wants to become a professional and be elite is always going to have an advantage over some casual with [default Heads Up Displays].

Default Heads Up Displays for Poker Sites (Analysis)

* All analysis belongs solely to the author.

If poker sites were to indeed begin trialing default Heads Up Displays, it could have an immediate impact on both the professional and recreational online poker playing community.

With many independent poker personalities such as Joey Ingram, Matt Berkey, Andrew Neeme and Doug Polk focusing mostly on topics other than poker operator policies at the moment, the discussion — if it progresses — would almost certainly be hotly debated on the numerous forums and social media outlets that are freely available to online poker players.

As DAT Poker Podcast hosts Negreanu, Chan, and Schwartz alluded to, there are many questions surrounding such a move and its potential benefit or harm to the online poker world.

Part Time Poker will continue to monitor this story as it develops and provide new information as it becomes available.

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