As the warm weather finally rolls in, there probably aren’t many of us pining for December. But Casino players at Bet365 may be missing the holiday season and its million pound promotion. If you’re in that group, you’ll be pleased to know that the “Spectacular” is back, with the same £1 million (or €1 million, or $1.5 million, depending on your local currency) up for grabs.

The official terms and conditions of the promotion can be found here.

Spectacular is a straightforward opt-in-and-play style of promotion. Once you’ve opted in from the Offers tab of the Members section of the client, you’ll be awarded one ticket for every £10 (or €10 or $15) you wager at Featured games from now until May 29. What’s more, if you play at the selected Double Ticket game, you’ll earn twice as many.

The promotion, which began on April 28, will run for 32 days in total, broken down into eight four-day periods, each with a separate draw. The prize pool varies from draw to draw, between £75,000 and £200,000. Top prizes vary between £9,000 and £32,000. The Double Ticket game likewise changes every four days.

Be sure not to miss out!

Although there’s potentially a lot of money being given out at Bet365 in May, there’s some fine print you should be aware of. As we said, it’s an opt-in promotion, so don’t forget to do so by clicking Members, then Offers, then Offers Available, then Obtain Offer Code. Players who don’t opt in are still assigned tickets, but can’t claim the prize if their number comes up!

Once you’ve won a prize, you’re not quite done, as the funds still need to be cleared before you can withdraw them or any winnings you’ve produced as a result. The playthrough requirements are 10 times the bonus amount, so if you win a £100 prize, you’ll need to make another £1000 in wagers before it’s yours to keep.

You have ten days to clear the bonus once you claim it, or you’ll lose both the bonus and any money you’ve won using the bonus funds. Fortunately, you can start any time within the seven days after the draw. Pick a timing that works for you. Note that this flexible timing means there’s one more hoop to jump though: Once you’ve been told that you’ve won a prize, you’ll need to claim it by going through the same steps you did to opt in to the promotion in the first place.

Say that again?

To recap, if you want a chance at your share of the potential £1,000,000 in prizes being given away, follow these steps:

  • Under Members, go to Offers, then Offers Available, then Obtain Offer Code for the Spectacular promotion.
  • Enter the offer code in the appropriate place.
  • Play at least £10 worth of Featured and Double Ticket games.
  • Check your email or log in every four days to see if you’ve won.
  • If you’ve won a prize, claim it the same way you opted in, by finding the appropriate Offer Code in your Members section.
  • Once you’ve claimed the prize, be sure to place wagers totalling at least 10x the prize amount within the next ten days.
  • Once you’ve met the playthrough requirements, the bonus funds and winnings generated with the bonus funds will be added to your regular account balance and can be wagered or withdrawn as usual.