Carbon Poker, as the flagship room on the Merge Network is taking their role as a major player in the post-Black Friday online poker market seriously. In June Carbon Poker will be continuing their software improvements with release 6.0 of the Merge client. We were able to get our hands on a preview of 6.0, here is what impressed us.

Improved Filters

There are now 2 methods to filter through the growing list of games on Merge. The Quick Selector provides exactly what the name suggests, a quick means to find your games. The game list updates fluidly as you select your filters to help you quickly drill down to the games you’re looking to play.

There are also Advanced Filters which give you much more control. With this tool you choose the game type from the menu and use a slider bar to choose the specific stakes. Further you can filter based on table stats such as how many players per flop, average pot size, or hands per hour.

New Search Tool

Merge 6.0 allows for a much more robust means to find players, tournaments, and tables with the new search tool. You can now search for cash game tables by name. You can search for tournaments by various attributes including tournament ID. You can search for players by name. You can even search your player notes, or player tags. The functionality is smooth and perfect for multitablers as the field auto completes.

Game List Expanders

In the Merge Release 6.0 lobby you will find an arrow next to each game listing. Hit the arrow to expand the listing for quick access to key information. In cash games it will show the players at the table and on the waiting list. It will also give you the option to sit down directly from the list.

Expand a tournament listed and you’ll see start time, registration time and number of players currently registered. You can also register directly from here – no need to bring up the lobby to register.

We’re impressed by the attention to detail with these features and look forward to a more pleasant grinding environment come June.

Carbon Poker is the flagship room on the Merge Network. Score extra perks like exclusive rake races and freerolls by joining through PTP.