Poker roomLike the rest of the casino, the Caesars Palace poker room is all about class. If you prefer rooms that are loud and exciting, this might not be the room for you. However, if you prefer a more subdued atmosphere, this could be your favorite place to play. Separated from the casino floor by a hallway about thirty feet long, the poker room is tucked away and quiet compared to other rooms. Once inside the room, you’ll notice that the sights and sounds of slot machines and screaming gamblers are gone. After speaking to several players at Caesars, it was clear that this is a love it or hate it type of poker room. A couple of players told me they enjoyed feeling like they were in a classy poker club, rather than a casino. Others told me that the quiet inside the room took away from the fun time they were looking for. With this said, on Friday and Saturday nights, the room starts hopping and chatter inside the room creates a more outgoing mood. The Monday night NFL Splash promotion livens up the room as well.

The Caesars Palace poker room is very spread out, with plenty of room inside. While a lot of rooms have a cramped feel to them, this room is just the opposite. I also like the colors inside the room, which are subdued and calming, rather than busy and loud like most other Las Vegas poker rooms.

The poker room at Caesars Palace is located adjacent to the sportsbook, making it easy for players to take a quick break to place a bet. On the opposite side of the poker room is the famous Pure Nightclub and the Pussycat Dolls Lounge. Just outside of the poker room is the Pussycat Dolls blackjack area, where girls in tiny outfits dance in cages and make otherwise respectable men slobber themselves.

Cash Games

The most popular games at the Caesars Palace poker room are $1/3 & $2/5 NL Hold’em and $3/6 FL Hold’em. These games basically run 24/7, all week long. $5/5 NL Hold’em and $4/8 FL Hold’em games are run most of the time as well, especially on weekends. They also run Omaha & Stud games when players request it, and on weekends when the room is busy. While the WSOP is running, the Caesars Palace poker room starts running all sorts of games, such as Badugi, Chinese Poker, Razz, 2-7 & 2-5 Triple Draw.

Cash Game Rake

The rake at the Caesars Palace poker room is 10% up to a $4 max on $1/3 NL, $2/4 & $3/6 FL games. While the max rake is the same as other rooms, the final 2 strike points come earlier than at other casinos. What this means is that in small pots, more rake is taken. $2/5 NL and $4/8 FL games are raked at a rate of 5% up to $5, which is $1 more than most other rooms. $5/10 and bigger games are raked at the rate of $6 per player, per half hour. That’s a good rake rate, which is about equal to what active players at lower stakes games are paying. So, the rich get richer.

Caesars Palace also has an additional $1 that is taken from every pot that reaches $10 to pay for the high-hand jackpots. For players who like high-hand jackpots and various promotions, Caesars is a good place to play. For more serious players who put in a lot of hours, the higher rakes can take a toll on your profits in the long run.

Promotions & Special Events

Every Monday night during the NFL season, Caesars Palace runs a promotion where they throw money into random pots after every score. For every field goal, $50 is thrown into a pot. For every touchdown, $100 is splashed, and for every safety, $200 is put into a pot. Watch for the red zone!


While there are plenty of tv’s in the poker room, most of them are a good distance from the tables. You’ll be able to watch your game of choice, but good luck reading the score.


Players can receive a massage from a licensed massage therapist for $2 per minute.

Food & Drinks

The Caesars Palace poker room has dedicated cocktail waitresses to serve players. Whether you’re looking for tableside food from the Augustus Café, or a Vodka & Red Bull, service is always prompt and professional. While the Augustus Café has a wide variety of very good food, the prices can be higher than most poker players are used to. Lunch dishes generally run in the $15-22 range, and dinner meals will cost you $32-44. Players can choose between Mexican, American, and seafood dishes.

The Mesa Grill is located within a couple hundred feet of the poker room, and is one of Chef Bobby Flay’s restaurants. At the Mesa Grill you’ll find a southwestern flare to steaks, seafood, and Mexican dishes. Lunch will set you back $15-25 per meal, while dinner ranges from $24-48.

There are several great restaurants at Caesars Palace, but don’t expect anything cheap. Possibly the cheapest meals in the casino to be found are at the Café Lago Buffet, where breakfast, lunch & dinner are all served. Breakfast is $15.50 per person, lunch is $17.50, and dinner is $23.50. Other restaurants inside Caesars Palace include The Bradley Ogden, Hyakumi, Rao’s, Restaurant Guy Savoy, Neros, Payard Patisserie & Bistro, and Cyprus Street Marketplace.


The Caesars Palace poker room is split in two. One side is the cash game room, while the other side is reserved just for tournament play. With 31 tournament tables, nice sized tournaments can be held in here. Caesars Palace runs the Caesars Palace Classic Tournament Series, as well as various other tournaments throughout the year. Call the poker room toll free at (866) 227-5938 for current and upcoming tournament information.


$65 No Limit – Every Day at 9am: 2000 chips. 500 chip add-on – $5. 30 minute blinds.

$125 Sunday – Thursday at 12pm: 5000 chips. 2500 chip add-on – $10. 30 minute blinds.

$330 Friday – Saturday at 12pm: 10,000 chips. 2500 chip add-on – $10. 40 minute blinds.

$65 No Limit Daily at 3pm – 50 Player Max: 2000 chips. 500 chip add-on – $5. 30 minute blinds.

$150 Daily at 7pm: 4000 chips. 2000 chip add-on – $10. 30 minute blinds.

$120 Daily at 9pm – Bounty Tournament: 2500 chips. 1500 chip add-on – $10. 30 minute blinds.

$65 No Limit Daily at Midnight – 50 Player Max: 2000 chips. 500 chip add-on – $5. 30 minute blinds.

$120 Sunday at 5pm – Shootout Format: 1500 chips. 1000 chip add-on – $10. 20 minute blinds.

The Caesars Palace poker room is one of the nicer rooms in town. The room and tables are well kept, management is great, and the dealers are friendly. While the cash game rake is a bit higher than most, if you’re looking for a poker room where you can relax and enjoy good food, it’s hard to beat Caesars Palace. If a more exciting, social game is what you’re after, you’d be better off at the MGM or the Palms.