BLUFF Magazine announced on Wednesday that it will be discontinuing its print edition and going to an all-digital format.

The change is happening almost immediately, as the February edition will be the last one that will be produced with a hard copy, featuring 2014 BLUFF Player of the Year Dan Colman. (Almost as newsworthy is if Colman actually did an interview.) The magazine’s first edition was published in 2004.

BLUFF Vice President of Content Lance Bradley had this to say on the move:

“The way our readership enjoys our content has changed and this really allows us to reach more of our target audience where the numbers show they’re reading us – via mobile devices and online. We will still produce the same features. We looked at Grantland as a content delivery model that would appeal to our readers and we believe that we can eventually become that for poker, producing more long-form and fun content than ever.”

The announcement, and the reference to Grantland, seems to indicate that BLUFF content will all be free moving forward. If you’re a subscriber, you’ll get a pro-rated refund, BLUFF noted.

It’s becoming more and more common throughout the media industry for companies to eschew a paper version and to emphasize digital media, and the poker media is no exception. Going all digital reduces costs for BLUFF, but it obviously brings up issues for content delivery and revenue — especially those used to picking up the magazine on newsstands or via mail subscription. Regardless, you won’t see old copies hanging around your favorite cardroom anymore.