Poker fans are invited to participate in the official 2018 Andrew Neeme Reddit AMA.

Reigning American Poker Awards dual trophy winner Andrew Neeme will participate in an Ask Me Anything Q&A session on Reddit Poker this Friday, March 9th.

Submit Questions for Andrew Neeme (March 8th, 2018)

Neeme is a Las Vegas poker rounder who has earned the respect of his poker vlogging peers while entertaining fans around the world with his uploaded video content on YouTube and other platforms.

A filmography enthusiast who has been heavily influenced by the quality production material put forth by YouTube vlogging sensation Casey Neistat, Neeme’s content focuses on the life of a professional poker player as he competes in card rooms located throughout the United States. His vlogs typically include “trip reports” that provide poker hand analysis to his 82,000 subscribers.

Early Participation in Andrew Neeme Reddit AMA

Andrew Neeme Reddit AMA Thumbs Up

The official Andrew Neeme Reddit AMA thread has already brought over 100 questions in the 5 hours since it was posted to the public by moderator jrockz. It has also received more than 100 Upvotes during that time.

Poker fans can sign up to the Poker Subreddit and submit their questions to Andrew Neeme between now and 12:00 Noon Eastern Time on Friday, March 9th.

Queries submitted by Reddit Poker users Thursday afternoon revolve around Neeme’s goals in poker, video editing prowess and stature as a legitimate poker celebrity.

What are you looking to do longer-term now that you’ve established yourself?,” asks Redditor JojaCorporation. “Are you looking to become a better poker player, have a better brand, more exposure – or move into something else entirely?

For better or worse. How much has poker changed for you at the tables from being unknown to now?, inquires peatmopcicle. “Keep up the great work.”

Will Andrew Neeme Reddit AMA Feature Video Replies?

Andrew Neeme Reddit AMA Shades

While big name poker personalities Phil Hellmuth and Vanessa Selbst followed the Reddit Poker tradition of responding to questions in written form, Neeme could leverage his on-camera skills to answer some of the questions on video — similar to the method used by Upswing Poker pro Ryan Fee in his own November 2016 Q&A session.

All questions and answers will be archived for players, fans and media outlets to consult at their convenience, in accordance with Reddit Poker policies.

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