2m2mThe way things are going for the guys on 2M2MM, a more realistic name for the show might be 2M200k.

Entering Week 7, the group was up a decent amount of cash – $141,000 – but nothing even close to anything resembling a significant chunk of the goal.

Week 7 didn’t do much to help their chances. An episode that focused primarily on a Deuces Cracked fundraiser that involved a ton of Connect Four and another of Dani Stern’s seemingly-never-ending missions to corral some women also managed to squeeze in some poker, and while the results weren’t the worst of the season, they weren’t the best either – $5,500 in the red.

That loss, driven by Krantz dropping a bit over 40k, left the group up $135,600 so far, which according to our math is … a shitload less than $2,000,000. Roberts had a solid week, winning 46k. Patel dropped 19k and Dani managed an 11k win.

One clear winner from the episode: the charities involved in the Connect Four event, which raised around $20k.

For his loss, Krantz had to perform a fairly banal penalty stunt in which he roller skated for a few miles through Vegas in mildy embarrassing clothing. Vegas being Vegas, few people really noticed.

You can watch the nosebleed games that the 2M2MM guys play on Full Tilt Poker. Read this before creating an account at Full Tilt Poker.