Men amongst the ladies and Negreanu gets called out for being right in all the wrong ways are leading the buzz from the floor today at the WSOP.

Men behaving badly

Todays noon starting tournament was the $1k Ladies NLHE event. Among the 1,054 entrants today were a few men who decided to crash the tournament.

Men behaving badly.

Table talk amongst the ladies were about bounties being placed on the mens heads, and one table even decided to take an impromptu break in the middle of a level. The floor was at a loss for what to do with the empty table, they could not deal a hand since they would need at least one player at the table to have a deal. A discussion was had about penalizing the table but it was decided that if they did that it would result in the the ladies taking a longer break so the floor decided to just give a warning to the entire table, now wether that happened or not is still unknown.

Every time one of the men get knocked out of the tournament the whole room breaks in to applause and loud cheers. Seems the competitive nature of these women is coming out and the men are finding themselves swimming upstream.

WSOP media coverage subpar in 2010?

Another source of conversation on the floor is a blog posted by an anonymous pro yesterday calling out Daniel Negreanu for his blog on the lack luster reporting being done this year at the WSOP. In his original blog called out Pokernews for their inability to keep chips counts updated.

It had seemed like all the buzz from his blog had died down, that is until this “anonymous pro” decided to call out Negreanu for being right in all the wrong ways. In the blog the anonymous pro stated that he was right in the fact that the reporting was not what it should have been earlier in the series, but this is not the fault of the reporters and editors on the grounds. He expressed that “It’s because PokerNews has chosen to benefit from its contract with the WSOP while spending as little money as possible to get the job done”. Read the entire post on here.

Daniel has since responded to this anonymous pros blog by stating that he was misinterpreted. He states that “It has NOTHING to do with the hardworking crew running around from table to table covering the event.” He goes on to write that after he wrote his original blog, “The next time I sweated an event, the coverage was excellent.” Read Negreanu’s response here.

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