The Colossus tournament is big and will keep getting bigger. And we’re treated to James Woods vs. Doug “WCGRider” Polk heads up in our daily blog on the WSOP.

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Event #5: THE COLOSSUS $565 No-Limit Hold’em ($5,000,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool): Updates
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Updated: 12:45 a.m. Vegas time

Kenney misses out on No. 2

After dominating the final table of the $5K event for most of the night, Bryn Kenney fell short of his second career bracelet. Michael Wang took it down for $466K. Details here.

Heads-up for a bracelet

Bryn Kenney and Michael Wang are going after the gold in the $5K event right now. Updates here.
Live stream.

Tilting Hellmuth?

Phil Hellmuth apparently doesn’t like being 3-bet by NFL star Richard Seymour. More here.

Fun with Photoshop

PokerListings was having someone with the situation today, as the Colossus forced poker tables to be placed in the “Poker Kitchen” of the Rio. For example:

More Woods vs. Polk

I would love to be on the rail of James Woods vs. Doug Polk. They should be livestreaming it. And it’s been an epic heads-up battle.

Kenney looking strong

Bryn Kenney looks like he has a good shot at his second bracelet, holding nearly half the chips in play with just four players left in the $5K event. Greg Merson is in second. Updates here.

Only at the WSOP…

Somehow, we get actor James Woods playing one of the best heads-up players in the world — Doug Polk — for a seat at the final table of the $3K shootout event. If I were the WSOP, I would just be blogging every hand of this one. Updates here. Woods owned him once earlier (see below).

Colossus, take 2

The second flight gets underway at 7 p.m. Updates here.


Quadruple up in the Colossus? Must be nice. Read about it here.

Also, some just got past 100K in chips for the first time.

Tough table

What are the odds of one four-handed shootout table drawing two world champions? Probably pretty low. But Joe Cada and Carlos Mortensen managed the feat. They tangled in this hand.

A bracelet tonight

So the $5K event, which was supposed to play down to the final table and then stop, is apparently just gonna finish tonight. That’s according to Greg Merson on Twitter. He should know, since he’s playing in it. Makes a lot of sense, otherwise some of these guys might miss the Colossus. And it’s only 5 p.m. and they are already down to nine, when David “Doc” Sands got eliminated.
Update: Live stream starts at 5:10 p.m. (Actually, there are conflicting reports. WSOP live reporting says 5:10 p.m.; live stream countdown will put it at 5:30; @kevmath says 5:40. Watch it here.

Best comeback story in history?

The latest funny hand from the Colossus, as former main event champ Greg Raymer leaves himself 75 chips to try to “potentially have the best comeback story in history,” according to WSOP live reporting. Not so much, Fossilman. Better luck when you fire your next bullet at the Colossus.

LOL reads

Gotta love those “correct” reads where you lose a lot of chips. Check out this hand from the Colossus.

Things are going slowly in Omaha?

We’re not sure if this is a glitch or if there have just been that few eliminations, but according to live updates, there are still more than 250 players left on day 2 of the Omaha hi-lo event. That leaves a looooong way to go to get to a final table, which we doubt is going to happen tonight in the three-day event.

$5K update

Carl Westcott, who was the chip leader with 20 left, is now one of the short stacks with 13 left. Former main event champ Greg Merson is back on top. Updates here.

More Colossal news

From what I can see on Twitter, the Colossus night session is about to be or is sold out. That includes two late starting waves, where you miss the initial blind levels of the tournament. Crazy.

I think I’d look elsewhere for a cash game

Just sayin’

That’s a lot of players

Keep in mind, we’re still on the FIRST OF FOUR starting flights in the Colossus. And there have been this many entries:

Woods trapping WCGRider?

James Woods has been all over the place, it seems. And he’s playing four-handed against a really talented player, Doug Polk. Apparently, Woods fooled the heads-up specialist on this hand, cold calling before raising Polk’s raise. Nice.

Taking a shot?

So after we found who Carl Westcott is in the $5K event (see below), we took a look at the new chip leader, Long Nguyen. It looks like he might be just taking a shot. $58K in live tourney winnings, none of them in buy-ins over $1K. No WSOP cashes. If he wins, that would be a pretty unlikely event, given the skill level of the field.

ORLY, about $5K chip leader?

We saw this on Twitter. But apparently the chip leader from the start of the day in the $5K event, Carl Westcott, is the founder of 1-800-FLOWERS. We’re guessing he doesn’t need the money.

Shockingly, Phil Hellmuth says they are friends:

We’re guessing this isn’t much fun

Wait around for the second day of a tournament, play for a few minutes, and get busted. The life of Ashton Griffin, at least today.

Scotty, with baby

Why is Scotty posting this picture with a baby goat (?) We have no idea.


The $3K shootout event will be a little different today. Play everywhere will be four-handed…it would be kind of fun to be able to see that action, especially with some of the big names left, like Jason Somerville. And James Woods! He won his first table yesterday. Updates here.

Pretty big

The Las Vegas Review-Journal took notice of the Colossus event. Read their story here. Also:

Merson seeks bracelet

Outside of the hugeness of the biggest live tournament of all time, the $5K event provides the most intrigue. Lots of players are going after a second bracelet, including former main event champ Greg Merson. It’s a four-day event, so today they will play from 20 down to a final table. Updates here.


According to reports on Twitter, the initial waves of all four flights of the $565 buy-in Colossus have been sold out. The WSOP is still offering two “late waves” for each flight. It appears the tournament will be heading way past 20,000 players, and it might not be shocking to see it sell out entirely by the time it’s done.

There have also been anecdotal reports of double registering. We don’t know how much stock to put in that, however.

And related to that note, the poker media entity known as kevmath, aka Kevin Mathers, has been unstoppable in WSOP coverage and answering questions. We assume he is taking in lots of cocaine and energy drinks to keep up his pace. Follow him on Twitter, if you’re not already.

Finally, everyone is already talking about how to get their refunds if they registered for other flights. We agree with the WSOP, a little early to be worrying about that.

Pros aren’t staying away

The Colossus is the only game to play in the WSOP, so everyone is taking their shot, and we’re guessing will fire multiple bullets. WSOP coverage has spotted Greg Meuller, Marvin Rettenmaier, JC Tran and Eugene Katchalov in the early going.