Weekly HSR: OMGClayAiken, Jungleman12 Have Big Weeks

Dustin Gouker : March 18th, 2011
High Stakes Report


OMGClayAiken and Jungleman12 have big weeks, while Gus Hansen is still over $3M in profit for the year. Find out who won and who lost at Full Tilt and PokerStars in our weekly high-stakes report.

NoPasaran led all players across both sites this week, making a good chunk of money by relieving XWINK from some of his bankroll at Full Tilt. The biggest stories of the week, however, were Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond, who broke out of a recent slump (No. 2, +$453K), and Daniel “jungleman12″ Cates (No. 3, +$437K, who is working his way to the top of the 2011 leaderboard.

Also of note this week:
-Scott “urnotindangr” Palmer reversed his recent woes at PokerStars (he’d been victimized by Isildur1), to take the top spot at PokerStars and the fifth spot overall this week (+$359K).
-gavz101 at PokerStars continued his heater, winning nearly $300K.
-O Fortuna PLS is one of the few players who has been able to slow Gus Hansen this year, taking him for more than half a million playing 2-7 triple draw.
-Phil Ivey didn’t make the top 10, but philivey2694 at PokerStars did.

The top 10 (this week)

(Click on any player for more information):
 NoPasaran $661,787
 OMGClayAiken $453,379
 jungleman12 $437,506
 EazyPeazy $380,230
 urnotindangr $359,621
 O Fortuna PLS $306,318
 gavz101 $294,292
 bixiu $255,622
 philivey2694 $221,312
 DjAdi $211,470

The top loser this week was compris at PokerStars, as he gave back $602K. Cole South, who had a good week last week, was second and led all losers at Full Tilt, giving back more than half a million. South, since reaching a career high of about $3.5M in profit early in 2010, is on a downswing of about $4.5M.

Also of note this week:
-Palmer had a bad week on his Full Tilt account, URnotINdanger2 (no. 3, -$461K).
-XWINK, who famously turned $4K into $2M, has been losing ever since, and lost another big chunk this week (-$370K).
-martonas, was back in action this week, losing just over $300K.
-Tom “durrrr” Dwan checked in on the bottom 10 as well.

The bottom 10 (this week)

  compris -$602,828
 Cole South -$542,562
 URnotINdanger2 -$461,078
 XWINK -$370,421
 LooneyGerbil -$340,855
 martonas -$325,515
 Rui Cao -$245,067
 durrrr -$242,111
 Alex Luneau -$22,337
 kagome kagome -$201,164

Despite his losses to O Fortuna PLS, Hansen ended up losing just about $100K this week and is up more than $3M for the year to lead players across all sites. Jungleman12 continued to climb the leaderboard and is now second (+$1.8M).

Gavz101 is the top player at PokerStars this year, up more than $1.7M.

Phil Ivey is fifth across all sites, at $1.2M.

2011 leaderboard

 Gus Hansen $3,157,008
 jungleman12 $1,850,143
 Matt Hawrilenko $1,821,917
 gavz101 $1,748,764
 NoPasaran $1,301,309
 Phil Ivey $1,192,922
 O Fortuna PLS $1,039,746
 EazyPeazy $944,916
 skjervoy $830,245
 ilvdnfl $685,255

Kagome kagome continues to lead all losers across all sites, down an alarming $1.8M. Tom “durrrr” Dwan is second, at -$1.3M.

All 10 players in the losers’ leaderboard play at Full Tilt.

2011 top losers

 kagome kagome -$1,844,443
 durrrr -$1,368,059
 fishosaurusREX -$1,016,920
 UarePileous -$977,926
 cadillac1944 -$939,626
 DrugsOrMe -$728,831
 David Benefield -$692,082
 Cole South -$645,538
 trex313 -$546,213
 Rui Cao -$512,861

Source: highstakesdb.com

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