Gus Hansen continues to own at Full Tilt, Isildur1 struggles at PokerStars, and Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Phil Ivey are no-shows at the tables. Check out who won and who lost in our weekly look at the online high-stakes cash games.

For the second straight week, Gus Hansen led all players at PokerStars and Full Tilt in profits. After booking earnings of half a million last week, the Dane was up more than a million this time around.

It’s the continuation of a huge turnaround for Hansen, who was once in the midst of an $11 million downswing in cash games. At one point last year, he was stuck about $9 million for his career at Full Tilt. Now, thanks to some play at the end of last year and his heater to start 2011, he’s trimmed that figure to $5 million. Hansen has been beating just about everyone in his path of late, and has been making a lot of money playing $500-$1K pot-limit Omaha.

Behind Hansen on the weekly leaderboard was Patrik Antonius, who booked profits of about $180K. Not surprisingly, Hansen and Antonius find themselves atop the yearly leaderboard. More on that later.

The top player at PokerStars this week was well behind Hansen — the clone of Di Dang’s Full Tilt handle, “urnotindangr.” He was up about $180K as well.

The top 10 (this week)

(Click on any player for more information):
 Gus Hansen $1,036,769
 luckexpress10 $204,099
 Patrik Antonius $181,945
 urnotindangr $179,516
 Skjervøy $175,470
 Bttech86 $157,378
 compris $153,823
 harrington25 $134,106
 rumprammer $124,183
 LooneyGerbil $119,093

The biggest loser of the week was Scott “URnotINdanger2” Palmer, who earlier this year was the top player in terms of profit for 2011. But he dropped nearly $700K this week, almost all of it against Phil “OMGClayAiken” in $500-$1K PLO. Palmer played just over 3,500 hands for the week to book the most losses.

Also of note in the bottom 10 were Jared “harrington10” Bleznick, who had the worst week of anyone on PokerStars (-$270K), despite appearing in the top 10 on Full Tilt (harrington25, +$134K). Daniel “jungleman12” Cates also continued to struggle at PokerStars, losing about $250K this week. He’s been slowing down after a hot start to 2011. He was victimized by unknown Swede lindqrvo, who took Cates for $300K playing at $25-$50.

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom had his second straight down week at PokerStars, down about $200K. Interestingly, the name right behind him on the loss leaderboard, Omlphalotus, was a name Blom was rumored to have at another poker site back when his real identity was still a mystery. Isildur1 played the most hands of any player last week, at more than 16,000.

The bottom 10 (this week)

 URnotINdanger2 -$687,726
 UarePileous -$512,003
 Harrington10 -$271,097
 jungleman12 -$256,509
 Isildur1 -$205,897
 Omlphalotus -$203,853
 Urindanger -$126,250
 Also11 -$109,619
 WithColor -$105,589
 Johnbest -$100,932

As we stated earlier, Hansen and Antonius lead the way for 2011, with Hansen up more than $2.1 million over the course of about 11,000 hands. Antonius logged his profit, of about a million dollars, over the course of about 6,000 hands.

The player ilvdnfl continues to lead the way at PokerStars, with just under $800K in profit. That player is rumored to be Di Dang, and if true Dang would hold down Nos. 3 and 4 on the 2011 leaderboard. He sits in fourth with his Full Tilt handle, Urindanger, with about $720K in profit.

2011 leaderboard

Gus Hansen $2,165,004
 Patrik Antonius $1,017,678
 ilvdnfl $793,165
 Urindanger $719,237
 LuckyGump $713,614
 Rui Cao $607,993
 harrington25 $472,823
 URnotINdanger2 $369,084
 urnotindangr $364,480
 urubu111 $340,973

There wasn’t a whole lot of movement in the loss leaders for 2011. Russian player NEKOTYAN continues to lead the way, down $837K, while Phil Ivey, down $682K for the year, is still second. Neither Ivey, nor Tom “durrrr” Dwan played any tracked hands at the high-stakes tables in the past week. Dwan came in at No. 8 on the list, down about $430K.

2011 top losers

 NEKOTYAN -$837,111
 Phil Ivey -$682,546
 Kpederson -$543,009
 cadillac1944 -$478,669
 Sauce123 -$463,561
 nutsinho -$450,066
 DrugsOrMe -$449,588
 durrrr -$436,058
 FinnishNightmre -$392,026
 kagome kagome -$363,073