Black Friday meant Americans could no longer play online at Full Tilt and PokerStars, but that didn’t stop Patrik Antonius from winning more than a million dollars. Find out who won and who lost in online cash games in our weekly high-stakes report.

Black Friday likely changed the landscape of the online high-stakes world forever, as U.S. players were blocked from playing at Full Tilt and PokerStars last week. However, it’s hard to believe U.S. players like Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Phil Ivey won’t be back online from another country at some point in the future.

For now, though, the nosebleed action was the playground for Euros. And despite a smaller player pool, a lot of money was still changing hands. Patrik Antonius was the big winner after a slow start to 2011. He was up more than $1.2 million, despite playing just over 2,000 hands. He and Hansen mixed it up on a couple of occasions in the past week, with Antonius obviously coming out the winner.

Jens “Ingenious89” Kyllönen, another Finn, also had a huge week, booking profits of nearly $1.1 million this week, playing just over 2,300 hands. Kyllönen is only 21, and the departure of the Americans apparently gave him an opportunity to fill the void left behind.

NoPasaran was the only other player to book profits of more than a quarter of a million this week, while Sauce123 was the top player at PokerStars this week, up $131K.

The top 10 (this week)

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 Patrik Antonius $1,237,318
 Ingenious89 $1,073,110
 NoPasaran $272,495
 DrugsOrMe $143,592
 Sauce123 $131,818
 Jp kelly $120,898
 Wreed Platzak $114,219
 Jeans89 $95,257
 FLIPokeHer $91,376
 joiso $88,489

Where did Antonius get a lot of his winnings from? At least a few players in the bottom 10 for the week, including Andreas “skjervoy” Torbergsen and Hansen. Skjervoy was a huge loser for the week, down more than $1.1 million. Hansen also took a pretty good hit, down $157K.

Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies was also down (-$136K), but we might have seen his last appearance at PokerStars and Full Tilt. He said he would no longer play at those sites after the charges levied against them last week.

The bottom 10 (this week)

 skjervoy -$1,113,654
 gavz101 -$254,508
 O Fortuna PLS -$251,622
 FinnishNightmre -$204,659
 Lance84 -$159,770
 Gus Hansen -$157,492
 Ziigmund -$136,470
 Peter Jetten -$134,524
 geoff7878 -$129,806
 genghis888 -$117,724

Hansen’s losses cut into his 2011 profit, but he is still up $3.5 million for the year. Daniel “jungleman12” Cates, an American, is still at No. 2, up $1.9 million.

Both Antonius and Ingenious89 launched themselves into the top 10 with their big weeks.

2011 leaderboard

 Gus Hansen $3,554,858
 jungleman12 $1,952,994
 gavz101 $1,891,856
 Matt Hawrilenko $1,440,095
 bixiu $1,406,194
 Phil Ivey $1,336,313
 NoPasaran $1,227,526
 Patrik Antonius $1,130,159
 Ingenious89 $1,043,516
 EazyPeazy $998,625

For now, it appears Dwan is locked into the top spot in the top losers for 2011, down $2.4 million. Although No. 2 behind him is a German player, kagome kagome.

By virtue of his poor week, skjervoy went from profit in 2011 to the top 10 losers, coming in at No. 8

2011 top losers

 durrrr -$2,474,309
 kagome kagome -$1,927,246
 fishosaurusREX -$1,399,950
 cadillac1944 -$1,336,308
 UarePileous -$940,563
 David Benefield -$742,419
 Cole South -$710,207
 skjervoy -$674,277
 gavz101 -$565,200
 Niki Jedlicka -$512,316