It’s been a pretty good run for Scott “Aggro Santos” Margereson, who added a Sunday Million title at PokerStars to a pair of WCOOP titles in 2014.

After winning two World Championship of Online Poker titles in the span of three days last September, Margereson was at it again in a big field tournament with a big prize pool. Seven months after his amazing WCOOP feat, Margereson took down the Sunday Million for more than $194,000.

He defeated a field of nearly 6,400 entrants to get his third six-figure score in the past year.

In September, he won two other huge tournaments. He beat a field of more than 2,200 players in the WCOOP $320 Zoom Turbo event, winning the top prize of $106K. Then just two days later, he took down the $215 Sunday Warm-Up, which was serving as a WCOOP event. That was his biggest score of the three, as he won $202K for beating a field of more than 8,100 players.

According to PokerStars’ blog, he was 21 when he won the WCOOP titles, and had been fired from a job washing dishes two years earlier.

On Sunday, Margereson was one of the short stacks heading into the final table, with just under 6 million chips; the chip leader “KDJAll3,” had more than 14 million. In his first big hand at the final table, Margerson was a little fortunate. The action folded to him in the small blind, and he shoved J7o. Unfortunately for Margerson, the big blind, “Illraiseyou8,” held two overcards, with AQo. But Margerson hit a jack on the flop to take the lead and went on to eliminate Illraiseyou8 in sixth place.

Margerson would then eliminate “JIMMY5BELLYS” in fourth place and “” in third before taking on KDJAll3 heads-up for the title. After taking the chip lead, Margereson got his money in good with A9o against KTo. The ace held up and Margerson won his third major PokerStars title.

He will obviously be a player to watch in the upcoming Spring Championship of Online Poker, which takes place May 10 through May 24 at PokerStars.