The poker community talks Howard Lederer and Full Tilt Poker, and Phil Galfond sues Bluefire Poker. It’s all in the week’s most interesting threads in the world of poker forums.

The Lederer Files (2+2)

Thread: The Lederer Files (Interview w/ PokerNews, starting 9/18)
No matter where you turned, you couldn’t avoid the interviews that Howard Lederer gave to this week on the downfall and resurrection of Full Tilt Poker. Here, the online poker community at 2+2 breaks down the interviews, from parsing what he said to his body language.

And here’s a pretty awesome thread on Lederer’s favorite turn of phrase from the interviews, plus video:

Galfond vs. Bluefire Poker (2+2)

Thread: Phil Galfond Sues Bluefire Poker
Phil Galfond and the online poker training site, Bluefire Poker, had a messy breakup in 2011. It got even messier this week, when the poker pro sued the company for money he feels he is owed from his time making videos, etc. for the site.

Going fishing (2+2)

Thread: How to keep fish happy when online poker returns?
The thread is about the future return of big-time online poker if regulation ever happens in the United States. While there’s some interesting discussion, we agree that we should probably be worrying about the regulation aspect, first.