What happens to your brain on poker? What’s next for Nevada online poker? And should you berate bad poker players? It’s all in the week’s most interesting threads in the world of poker forums.

This is your brain on poker (2+2)

Thread: Apparently, poker is bad for your brain
Dusty ‘Leatherass’ Schmidt created some controversy this week with a blog post in which he says multitabling online poker damages your brain. Not too many people at 2+2 are buying it. Read the blog here, then weigh in or read the comments at the forum.

Nevada steps up (2+2)

Thread: Nevada Moving Forward with Online Gambling
This week, Nevada passed a bill to allow interstate online gaming — essentially allowing them to create shared player pools for online poker with other states that regulate online gaming. The legislation was fast-tracked because of similar legislation in New Jersey set to become law this coming week. All of it means that the U.S. is closer to having regulated online poker to play. Which is good news if you’re an American. Weigh in on the news, or follow along with updates, in this thread.

Yelling at donks (2+2)

Thread: Is it EVER ok to completely berate a fellow poker player????
The online poker community politely tells the original poster why you should never berate awful poker players. Seriously, why would you yell at someone because they suck? Don’t you want them to keep sucking?