Tony G took a few shots at Viktor “Isildur1” Blom in his blog in the wake of the two players’ SuperStar Challenge at PokerStars.

The backstory:

Earlier this month, Tony played a 2,500-hand challenge against Isildur1 at PokerStars, eventually losing the challenge to the Swede — whose identity was still (somewhat) of a mystery. Since then, Tony was a gracious loser, asked for a rematch, and Isildur1’s identity was revealed. Read more here.

Fast-forward to the present: the Party Poker pro apparently decided to stop playing nice, and called out Blom in his latest blog. Here’s some of what he wrote:

Moan number two – Isildur1. I offered $50k added prize money if he would agree to a rematch on Don’t you think it is fair that we play home and away? I lost the away match but everyone is better at home. Alas the powers that be stop such freedom.

Isildur1 the new internet poker generation’s cavalier has lost his spirit and is going to turn into a boring staid and strictly controlled poker bore. Yawn! Also saw the way Viktor was unmasked at the PCA. Why the hell didn’t they get him to wear a mask, add some theatre. “Ladies and gentleman – here is Isildur1 who is who we all knew he was.”

The decision not to play Tony at Party Poker is likely not Isildur1’s, and instead is his employer’s decision. There’s not much reason for PokerStars to allow the recently signed pro to deliver publicity and traffic to Party Poker. It’s fair to assume Tony G knows this, as well, and is just trying to whip up some controversy.

Regardless, the rematch Tony wants isn’t likely to happen at Party, and it’s only slightly more likely to happen at PokerStars in the immediate future. No word on Isildur1’s next opponent in the SuperStar Challenge, as of yet.