durrr5For the last year or two, it’s been one of the more intriguing open questions in the online poker community: What room will nab Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan with a sponsorship deal? As Dwan’s media presence continued to expand, so did rumors about the various rooms vying to sign him.

The latest: Dwan is on the verge of signing a contract with Full Tilt Poker.

The rumor stems from a post on a Facebook page for Phil Ivey that’s supposedly maintained by Joe Sebok and Amanda Leatherman from PokerRoad (Bluff magazine confirms this). The statement: “You heard it first from Team Ivey, Full Tilt Poker will soon announce a big sponsorship signing of the best of the best, young online phenom, Tom “durrrr” Dwan. Durrrr will be the latest addition to Team Full Tilt. details to come. Check Twitter for latest updates.”

Adding fuel to the fire: in an interview on ESPN’s Inside Deal last week, FTP bigwig Howard Lederer implied that negotiations between the parties were ongoing: “I’m sure that Full Tilt would love to have him… I think it’s just a matter of Full Tilt and Durrrr working it out, and working out a fair price.”

Or maybe we made this post just so we could include this hilarious take on what a FTP press conference announcing the signing would look like (massive credit to cyg on 2+2 for the gif)


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