Flop Turn River Review

Some sites choose to focus on one aspect of poker or another such as news, strategy, or maybe even a forum. There are some though that attempt to cover every facet of the game and FlopTurnRiver.com definitely falls into this description as they hit pretty much all the categories with regards to Texas Hold’em.

in ReviewsMay 19, 2008

Poker EV review

With people constantly looking for help with regards to their poker game, a growing number of software programs have sprung up to meet this demand. And while quite a few of them want some type of compensation in return (not a totally unreasonable request); some are provided by people purely through their own goodwill. PokerEV […]

in ReviewsMay 15, 2008

Hard-boiled Poker review

Most people like taking credit for their work if they have the option to do so or at least enjoy putting their name out there to be seen. However, the author of Hardboiledpoker.blogspot.com prefers to go operate anonymously going by the moniker of Short-Stacked Shamus while dispensing numerous posts about poker.

in ReviewsMay 12, 2008