Separating the possible from the probable


An article that dissects the critical skill of being able to separate what’s possible from what’s likely when analyzing a poker hand

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Poker 101: What is Bankroll Management?


We cover the basics of online poker bankroll management in this Poker 101 article

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Empathy – the neglected skill

When I think about what qualities that are vital to becoming a good poker player a capacity for critical thinking, discipline, and creativity come to mind right away. But in talking to a lot of both good and great poker players over the past several years, I’ve noticed that one quality in particular that isn’t [...]

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Assumptions you shouldn’t make when playing online poker

Cards shuffled

I think everyone is guilty of making assumptions to a certain extent when playing poker. Overcoming and dismissing some of the predetermined ideas you have in your head every time you sit at a table might be one of the biggest obstacles for some poker players.
The ideas I cover here are more applicable to online [...]

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Common-sense tips for improving your online game


I’ll start off this article by saying this: Hopefully, you probably know a lot of what I am about to tell you. At least subconsciously. This is meant to be a “common-sense” refresher for the casual or serious online player. Because knowing something and putting it into practice in reality are two different things.
In [...]

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A basic guide to data mining in online poker

Laptop and chips

UPDATES: Since this article was published, some rooms now prohibit the use of Idleminer. Check with rooms before purchasing.
In an era of increasingly tough online games, if you’re not collecting (and utilizing) data on your online opponents, you’re giving up a pretty significant edge. This article is intended to provide a [...]

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Insights at the poker table

Ace King

I’ve always thought it fortunate that you don’t have to be a genius to play winning hold ‘em. As complex and mystifying as the game can be, it’s not rocket science. You can go a long way in this game on the strength of common sense, experience, and a healthy dose of discipline. Though the [...]

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Podcast: When the Best Play Isn’t the Right Play for You.

This Podcast from Part Time Poker focuses on the gap between theory and practice in poker and offers examples of a few spots where the best play in a perfect world might not work out as well as it seems it should when you’re actually at the table.
Click on the link below to play the [...]

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Don’t get great at poker, just get good


If you’re an avid consumer of sports media, you’ll have noticed that over the last year or so there’s been a bit of a growing backlash against sport giant ESPN for what some have awkwardly coined the “highlitization” of sports – in short, that the cable giants focus on highlights has been one of the [...]

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