A lot of us like to play poker but don’t like one thing — losing money, even for a session. We all want to win and as the poker saying loosely goes — you need to invest money to make money.

Some online poker rooms have addressed this dilemma by giving players a way to play online poker for free with something called bankrolls and other no deposit offers such as free tourney tokens. By offering you a free bankroll they ask you to try out the thrill of playing an real money online poker room with no risk to you. The free bankroll lowers the barrier of entry and let’s you try the poker games right away.

There is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch, Right? Wrong!

Of course, poker room want you to build up your bankroll, or alternatively, lose it and then make a deposit. Fortunately, as a player taking advantage of a free bankroll you are under no obligation to make a deposit. Build up your freeroll bankroll into a lifetime of poker winnings? Great! Lose your bankroll right away and move on? That’s ok too. Somewhere in between? No problem.

We always tell people who love poker but don’t like gambling (the “I don’t want to lose any money” players) to try free bankrolls. It’s the best of both worlds, and yeah, it actually is a free way to play, especially if you understand what it is being offered.

Not a ton of online poker rooms offer online bankrolls. This is probably due to the fact a large percentage of players lose the money right away, never to be seen again by the poker room. Again, that’s ok. It’s the poker room’s responsibility to entice you enough while you are clearing the bonus that there is some meaningful reason for you to keep playing.

One poker room that has used this to great effect is Sky Poker. Not only do they offer a free tournament tokens, but they also offer no deposit sportsbook and casino bonuses as well. And they have been offering these promotions for awhile, indicating that there is something that both the player and Sky Poker are getting out of the deal.

Details of the Sky Poker Free Tourney Tickets

What the player receives at Sky Poker is a chance to try out the tournaments with no risk. The Sky Poker bankroll is credited in tournament tickets to your account after registering an and is credited to your account as 2 £2.20 tickets and 2 £3.30 tickets. The tickets can be used in multi-table tournaments as well as sit n gos. The tickets can even be combined to enter larger tournaments if you want to minimize the amount of time at the tables (but it is more risky because you can lose your funds more quickly).

Note that the tokens can not be converted into real money for the cash game tables. They can only be converted if you win money in the tournaments that you enter. In addition to the free tourney ticket offer, Sky Poker players are also eligible for the 200% up to £500 first deposit bonus should they choose to make a deposit.

If you stick around, you will want to take advantage of Sky Poker Rewards, the poker room’s answer to Sky Poker rakeback:

So What’s So Special About Sky?

Undoubtedly if you are reading this, you have heard of Sky. The Sky brand has a storied history in the United Kingdom as a popular media company and established their online gaming operations around 2002.

Since then, they have parlayed their strong name recognition into a respectable sized poker room for the geographic area that it covers (just three countries). With that, comes the regulation by the UK Gambling Commission and the safety and security of a top online gambling website. Sky has even integrated the media and online gaming portions of the business in innovative experiments such as Sky Poker TV broadcasts and features such as Top of the Pots:

In addition to a poker room — which is in the top 20 global in the world — Sky also offers many other gaming products. A single Sky account can give you access to Sky Bet, Sky Casino, Sky Vegas (a second casino) and Sky Bingo.

Each product offers its own introductory bonus (although there is some inconsistency in Sky Poker statements whether you can earn all vs picking one).

Who can take advantage of the Sky Poker free bankrolls?

If there is a “catch” to the Sky Poker offers is that not many players can take part in this offer. That’s because Sky Poker is only available to a few select countries at the moment. In addition to the United Kingdom, where Sky is headquartered, players located in Finland and Ireland are also eligible to join.

How does this no deposit offer stack up against other online poker rooms?

Before we compare other online poker bankrolls, it’s important to remember that most poker sites don’t offer a free bankroll of any kind. In fact, most sign-up offers require a first deposit. Sometimes poker rooms will talk about their “free” bonus, but when you look into the terms and conditions they are often referring to an offer that requires a deposit.

But how does the Sky Poker bankroll stack up against other online poker rooms offering a bankroll? One of the most popular online poker bankroll offers today is the $88 888 Poker free bankroll. This bankroll is notable not only for the fact that 888 is literally the second largest online poker room but also because of the impressive size of the offer — $88.

Here is how the two popular bankrolls stack up side by side:

Sky Poker Vs 888 Poker Bankrolls
Sky Poker888 Poker
Total Bankroll Offer£1088
Initial Tournament Tickets£10 (2 x £2.20 and 2 x £3.30)$7 (14 $0.50 tickets, given 2x a day)
Initial CashNone$1
Pending BonusNone$80, paid as $8 at a time ($1 in cash, $7 in tickets)
Other Bankrolls£10 Sky Casino$10 888 Casino

On first glance, the 888 Poker bankroll would appear to be much better, and in some ways it is better. The $88 bankroll obviously dwarfs the £10 Sky Poker bankroll but there are some things that make the Sky Poker bankroll appealing in its own ways.

First of all, the total initial amount given to players is higher (£10 vs $8). In addition, the individual tournament tickets are larger and more straight-forward (3 £2.20-3 £3.30 tickets vs 14 $0.50 tickets). The amount of time invested to play with all the 888 tournament tickets is going to be much more. This is a positive if you want to play a lot but perhaps less practical if you are more interested in converting your tournament tickets to regular funds in less time.

In addition to the size of $88 free bankroll, another benefit is the fact that players receive a portion of the bankroll in cash right away ($1 to be exact). It’s not a lot but it will allow players to play the smallest real money cash games. The large pending bonus is nice, but you are going to need to generate a lot of points to earn all of it, something that is going to take a big win or deposit to make happen.

So which is no deposit offer best? That’s going to vary by player preference but the 888 free bankroll probably wins by a nose due to the flexibility it offers combined with the chance to earn a total of $88. Regardless, both offers are quite attractive to the type of player that loves real money online poker but doesn’t love the chance of losing their own money. For that, we say take advantage of both.

Additional Details of the Sky Poker Free Tournament Ticket Offer

The Sky Poker free tourney ticket offer actually doesn’t have many terms compared to many online poker sites but here are a few additional terms that you will want to familiarize yourself with.

  • Players will receive 10 worth of tournament tokens for free to play in tournaments
  • Available to players in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Bulgaria.
  • Tournament tokens are good for 7 days.
  • Tokens can not be withdrawn (however, winnings from tournament tickets can be).