The Micros, Srslysirius on Prahlad, and Liv Boeree interviewed. Check out the best poker videos of the week in Rewind.

The Micros

The third installment of the animated online poker show is up on the interwebz. Watch below for lolz. You might want to track down the first two episodes on youtube if you missed those.

Srsly, Prahlad

If you haven’t seen this yet, you are missing out. Video/song parody from genius/2+2 poster srslysirius on Prahlad Friedman, on joining, even though he was one of the people who lost a good chunk of money because of the superuser scandal there. Anyway, enjoy; it’s honestly hard to say what the best part is:

Behind the scenes

What do we like more than poker on TV? Behind the scenes stuff about poker on TV. Here’s a look at what’s going on at PokerStars’ The Big Game, which is currently filming season 2 of the televised cash game:

zomg poker is rigged

We’re not sure why we’re even giving this shoddy set-up any more pub than it has already gotten, other than it’s so dumb we figure we’d share it. Worst case scenario? You lost a minute of your life:

Live Boeree is pretty

Also, she is good at poker. But, also you get to look at her in this interview: