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Book Review: Tommy Angelo’s Elements of Poker

Elements of Poker is a universal book: A new player can have their eyes opened to the wonder of thinking level poker and others can get a refresher course

by Steve Ruddock

The Difference Between Playing Poker and Teaching It

Daniel Negreanu has said that only elite players can produce the best poker books and videos, but there’s more to teaching than just knowing the material.

by Alex Weldon

Book Review: Jonathan Little on Live No Limit Cash Games Volumes 1 & 2

Review of Jonathan Little’s two-volume series on Live No Limit Holdem Cash Games

by Staff

Book Review: Modern Small Stakes by Nathan Williams

Modern Small Stakes is for serious students of the game. The book focuses on low limit No Limit Holdem cash games and the types of players you’ll find at these tables.

by Staff

Book Review: Jonathan Little’s Excelling at No Limit Hold’ Em

Jonathan Little’s 7th book for D&B Publishing is a collaboration with 16 other poker players and enthusiasts. Find out if this poker book is right for you.

by Staff

Review: PurePlay Poker

If you live in the United States and want to play totally legal poker, you can play for free and win real cash at PurePlay Casino.

by Dustin Gouker

Review: Quarter Poker

The online poker site Quarter Poker is available in the United States, involves real money and is totally free to play. But is it worth your time at the virtual felt? Check out our review.

by Dustin Gouker

Book Review: Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker, Volume 3

Jonathan Little has two poker books on the market already. Should you invest in his third, Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker, Volume 3: The Complete Workout? Read on to find out.

by Dustin Gouker