Mounting agreement that time is running out for the Reid bill in today’s summary.

We’ve updated our Reid Bill FAQ to reflect the best information available to us on this issue. Full coverage of Reid Bill available here.

What’s new since our last update:

Rumors of the death of Reid’s bill have been greatly exaggerated: The big news yesterday was that the tax cut bill, long believed to be the best vehicle for Reid’s online poker bill, is no longer a viable options. That was first the word from the PPA, and then later from Reid himself (Politico).

That said, Reid still does have a solid array of options at his disposal. We won’t pretend to understand the various intricacies involved in Senate procedure that might provide Reid with an opportunity to trojan this bill, but people who do claim to understand the Senate say there’s still room, and until someone with said knowledge says it’s dead, then it’s not dead.

Why? Because we recall a story arc very eerily similar to this one. A controversial legislative provision gets circulated semi-secretly. Opposition mounts and the provision is supposed to be off the table. Then, literally under the cover of darkness, a Senate leader maneuvers said provision into law in a manner most ordinary people would find downright corrupt.

And that, in a nutshell, is the story of how the UIGEA was made a law. The moral: Until Congress is done for the session, this bill still has play.

Watch Anderson Cooper get indignant for no real reason in this clip regarding Reid’s iPoker bill (CNN).

Advice for poker players: Not really an update, but two good Reid-lated articles worth reading if you play poker online:

>> Taylor Caby talks about how if you’re worried about the blackout, you’re doing it wrong (

>> PokerNews writes about how if you’re opposed to the Reid Bill and you play poker online, you’re doing it wrong (

And Reid would have gotten away with it too… … if it wasn’t for that meddling Kyl! That’s the new line on the Reid bill’s struggles and shortcomings – they’re largely the fault of Senator Kyl.

Kyl’s fault or no, the markets seem to be losing faith in the Reid Bill’s prospects (Bloomberg).

PPA rep Rich Muny (TheEngineer on 2+2) talked about the bill and the realities of the situation in an interview here (

Continuing the argument: One imagines that Reid released the details of his bill publicly ( yesterday in an attempt to accomplish one or more of the following:

A) Garner some public support and momentum for the initiative
B) Provide political cover for those who might be on the fence about supporting it
C) Go on record with the bill so he can reference it to supporters easily when necessary

I’m sure you could go all the way to Z and beyond, but let’s assume A) and B) are legitimate motivations. If so, then poker players who support the Reid bill can still do work.

How? Well, to start, Wicked Chops has a great article here about framing the Reid Bill debate.

You can also circulate articles such as the ones below from conservative sources supporting Reid’s bill via Facebook, Twitter, etc:

>> John Stossel at Fox hates the UIGEA

>> Michele Minton at the CEI supports Reid’s bill

>> Why Rand Paul and the Tea Party should support Reid

Full coverage of Reid Bill available here.