It’s one more than a crowd on the PartTimePoker Podcast, as Alex and Andrew are joined by Olivier Busquet and Steve Ruddock. Kevin Mathers now the official Twitter rep for the WSOP. Brian Rast becomes the third person to complete the Las Vegas to Los Angeles cycling challenge. Pierre Neuville wins a sponsorship from… a dental clinic? And more.

Podcast Episode IV – Fights in the Ring and On the Felt

For the first time, Andrew and I welcome special guests onto the show. First up is Global Poker League star, high stakes player and now mixed martial arts fighter Olivier Busquet. I have a few questions about his fight with JC Alvarado, but what Andrew really wants to talk to him about was one of his favorite subjects, namely prop bets and motivation. We then finish up with a discussion of what commonalities there are between poker and fighting, and what both poker players themselves and the GPL can learn from the world of combat sports on that basis.

We’re then joined by my fellow PartTimePoker contributor Steve Ruddock for a hearty debate about collusion in satellites in general, and specifically the recent controversy involving Mike Dentale, Lily Kiletto and Jason Wheeler. In the ensuing Twitter fallout, Steve was among those taking a fairly charitable view of Dentale’s actions, while Andrew was considerably more cynical, so I got Steve on to duke it out in a war of words with my co-host, while I moderate.

The hand no one can agree on

Finally, we wrap up with our usual strategy segment, an analysis of a hand I played in the $250 Frenzy at Playground Poker. Here’s the situation: you’ve got King-Ten of Spades on the button, in a three-way pot. The preflop aggressor is a younger player in early position, while while an older, more passive guy in the big blind has called behind you.

The flop comes T83, with two Diamonds and a Spade, and the young guy makes a small bet after the big blind checks. You both call, and now the turn brings the Queen of Spades. Big blind checks again and now the young guy bets quite big; your stack is such that your options are to fold, go all-in, or call and have about three-quarters of the pot left behind if the big blind folds (or a bit over half if he calls). What do you do?

As it turns out, it’s probably the toughest spot we’ve looked at so far, because Steve, Andrew and I each choose a different option. Even once I’ve revealed the outcome of the hand, we still can’t agree on anything except that Steve is a nit.

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