The second episode of the PartTimePoker Podcast is now available! PokerStars has been all over the headlines the past couple of weeks, so Andrew and I took a look at both the good news and the bad. Meanwhile SportAccord thinks Match Poker should rightfully be considered a sport and PokerStars has an outrageous new cash game format available.

PTP Podcast Episode 2: Interesting Times for PokerStars

What else could we talk about for our second episode than everything that has happened at PokerStars in the past two weeks? First there was the 10th Anniversary Sunday Million, the PokerStars New Jersey launch, and Spin-and-Go satellites to the EPT Grand Final. Next, they announced a rake hike, to the dismay of many. Scarcely a day later, Quebec’s financial regulators announced that CEO David Baazov was being charged with crimes related to insider trading; he has since taken a leave of absence.

In the course of discussing these issues, we digress into related subjects including re-entry tournaments, satellites, “Fermi problems” and why people play poker.

Andrew weighs in on the value of a free card

Last week, I wrote at great length about a twist on the game of 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball, allowing players the option of straddling in first position in order to receive an extra card during the first round. I took a stab at the mathematics behind this decision and came to my conclusions, but here on the podcast I give Andrew a chance to weigh in.

Does he agree with my assessment, or would his strategy be different? Tune in and find out.

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