Now eleven days after Black Friday, PokerStars has initiated cashout options for U.S. Players per their agreement with the DOJ. U.S. Players are prompted to cashout out entire account balances.

You will need to issue one cashout for your entire balance. Wire payment will be available for amounts over $50,000. Otherwise most players will have a direct bank transfer option.

T$ will be converted into cash in your account, but there are reports of this not being completed yet.

FPPs are still up in the air, but Stars is working with the Feds on a solution.

Start the process by logging into your PokerStars account. Is your bank account number longer than 9 digits? It appears at least at the time being the form won’t work for you. We recommend contacting their PokerStars Support.

Read more in the twoplustwo thread. We’ll keep you posted as more news rolls out.

UPDATE: T$ have been converted to cash and U.S. Players are being prompted to cashout their entire balances. There was a temporary problem with bank account numbers in the Direct Bank Deposit option, but that has since been fixed and U.S. Players are cashing out putting the final touch on the era of PokerStars in America.