PokerStars Pros Increasingly Turning Up On Twitch

Dustin Gouker : April 26th, 2015


PokerStars’ pros have been live streaming on Twitch in greater numbers and with more and more appearances of late.

Jason Somerville was brought on board as a Team PokerStars pro earlier this spring — the same day PokerStars launched a dedicated Twitch channel. Ever since then, we have seen the online poker pros from the site getting on Twitch more frequently.

Here’s a rundown of the PokerStars pros you can watch live on Twitch:

Jason Somerville

Somerville’s Twitch feed:
Well, we all knew he was on Twitch. After all, he started the “poker on Twitch” revolution. But ever since he joined PokerStars as a sponsored pro, he’s become even more popular. He was at about 50,000 followers a few months ago, and now he’s closing in on 100,000. And he’s in the middle of 70 straight days of streaming.

Daniel Negreanu

Negreanu’s Twitch feed:
The biggest name on PokerStars’ roster, Negreanu just joined the world of Twitch this month. After less than two weeks of streaming, he has nearly 20,000 followers and 300,000 views. In one of his first sessions on the site, he famously decided to take a piss while broadcasting. Negreanu is a natural for the platform: he is a funny guy, a good poker player and already has lots of fans in the poker community. If he keeps with it, it won’t be long until he is the most viewed poker streamer in the world.

Bertrand Grospellier, aka ElkY

ElkY’s Twitch feed:
The former StarCraft gamer turned poker pro has made the leap to Twitch, as well. It seems natural that he would start playing video games here more regularly, as well, since he comes from the gaming world, which was the original intent of Twitch. It appears that ElkY is committed to playing the Sunday majors on Twitch, and that we won’t see him regularly streaming otherwise. At least for now. During the major tournament series in the future, we would expect to see more of ElkY. He is up to 8,000 followers after very little time on the site.

Randy Lew, aka nanonoko

Lew’s Twitch feed:
Lew actually started broadcasts sporadically before PokerStars made its big push to enter the Twitch market. But the online grinder has been seen streaming a lot more ever since the initiative took root. He has been seen in April doing several long sessions, and is up to 10,000 followers. We’re just waiting for every minute of his Supernova Elite grind to show up on Twitch.

Liv Boeree

Boeree’s Twitch feed:
Not shockingly, female live streamers often do really well, because of the heavily young, male demographic of Twitch. If Boeree continues to stream, we’re guessing she will become really popular, really fast. She just joined Twitch last week and did some playing this Sunday, as well. Despite her short run, she already has nearly 4,000 followers.

Chris Moneymaker

Moneymaker’s Twitch feed:
Moneymaker, the 2003 World Series of Poker main event champion, hasn’t been on very much since creating an account in March. But since he’s in the United States and generally limited to playing for play money, we’re not sure how popular his stream will be. But, he is playing for billions of play chips. We’re sure there’s a market for it, based on the number of play money players out there.

Barry Greenstein

Greenstein’s Twitch feed:
Yep, even the old-school pros are on Twitch. Like Moneymaker, he’s just playing for play money. But he recently streamed his victory in the Sunday Billion play money tournament, where he beat Moneymaker heads-up. He’s been streaming that tournament pretty much every week. So if you want to see Barry pwn n00bs with play chips, tune in.

Adrienne Rowsome, aka TalonChick

Rowsome’s Twitch feed:
The Team Online Pro hasn’t been on Twitch much, so far. But she seems like she would be a natural for the medium, because she can identify with some of the non-hardcore grinders and gamers. She’s done a lot of videos and blogging in the past, and this seems like it would be a natural extension of her abilities. She actually called the action for a recent Sunday Million final table, which is an interesting use of Twitch we’d like to see more of.

Tyler Frost, aka frosty012

Frost’s Twitch feed:
Frost has been one of the more prolific Twitch streamers for PokerStars, as he’s gotten a handle on the medium. He’s been on nearly every day in the past few weeks. He’s a cash-game specialist, as opposed to most of the other pros above, who are usually playing tournaments.

Jaime Staples

Staples’ Twitch feed:
This is a bit of reverse engineering, and he’s not an official pro, just a “Friend of PokerStars.” He signed on with PokerStars earlier this month because of his mastery of live streaming, and he’s been playing some really good poker of late. He is one of the lower-level grinders that shows how you do Twitch and make it interesting if you’re not a famous pro. He is already at 25,000 followers. He grinds just about every day and multitables, if you get tired of watching one table at a time.

Who’s missing?

Some of the top PokerStars pros who aren’t on Twitch yet; not an all-inclusive list. Right now, we haven’t seen a ton of the Team Online pros hitting Twitch, but we’re guessing that will change in time:

Vanessa Selbst: She is mainly a live player, so we’re not sure we’ll ever see her regularly on Twitch, outside of the really big online tourneys at PokerStars.
Jason Mercier: Another pro who mostly specializes live, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see him giving Twitch a try.
Jake Cody: He actually has a Twitch account, but doesn’t appear to have used it much, if at all.
Andre Coimbra: Another player who seems to have an unused Twitch feed, Coimbra has been doing videos online for some time. He seems like a natural for streaming.

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