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Poker Rewards Enthusiasm, but Punishes Innocence

James Guill writes that poker needs more enthusiasm, and he’s right. But enthusiasm and caution are not mutually exclusive, and criticism is not negativity.

TipsterLabs: Can Sports Betting be Crowdsourced?

TipsterLabs is a crowd-sourced sports-betting tips site. Post your own picks, track your results, and buy tips from the site’s most successful users.

The Poker Media Ecosystem Explained

The poker media is often criticized as being overly pro-industry, but is it all about money? Here’s how to use the voice you didn’t know you had.

Remko Rinkema vs. Jason Mo: a Podcast Not to be Missed

Writer Remko Rinkema and professional Twitter troll Jason Mo will face off this Friday on Joey Ingram’s podcast, to debate ethics in poker journalism.

Beyond Poker: Reiner Knizia’s Deck Buster

What do you get when you cross video poker with an award-winning German board game designer? Reiner Knizia’s Deck Buster, that’s what.

Beyond Poker: “Outs!” by RumbleMonkey

Outs! by RumbleMonkey is a free iOS game resembling a single-player version of Open-Face Chinese Poker with a twist.

Book Review: Mason Malmuth’s Real Poker Psychology

My thoughts on Mason Malmuth’s first book since 2004, and where it fits in to the poker psychology genre.

Moorman’s Book of Poker Now Available in Video Format

Chris Moorman’s, Moorman’s Book of Poker has just been released in a video format, here’s the lowdown on what you’ll get.

Book Review: Tommy Angelo’s Elements of Poker

Elements of Poker is a universal book: A new player can have their eyes opened to the wonder of thinking level poker and others can get a refresher course

Poker Rankings Update: Kaverman Overtakes Mercier

Due to WCOOP, September was all about online poker. Live leaderboards are largely unchanged, while PocketFives’s online rankings have been shaken up.