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Book Review: Dr. Tricia Cardner’s Peak Poker Performance

In the emerging field of mental game coaching, Dr. Cardner’s advice and strategies on how to play your “A” game will have some value to just about every poker player.

Beyond Poker: Coup

Rikki Tahta’s Coup is a masterpiece of minimalist game design, and emphasizes strategic skills akin to range-balancing in poker.

Book Review: Check-Raising the Devil by Mike Matusow

Check-Raising the Devil one of the better written poker books, and one of the most compelling and enlightening tales of one of the poker boom’s biggest stars.

Book Review: Mike Sexton’s Life’s a Gamble

Mike Sexton has been around poker a long time. Life’s a Gamble offers up his story and his views of the poker and gambling world.

Beyond Poker: Welcome to the Dungeon

Welcome to the Dungeon, release in English by IELLO Games, is a quick and elegant card game which requires multi-level thinking similar to poker.

Poker Rewards Enthusiasm, but Punishes Innocence

James Guill writes that poker needs more enthusiasm, and he’s right. But enthusiasm and caution are not mutually exclusive, and criticism is not negativity.

TipsterLabs: Can Sports Betting be Crowdsourced?

TipsterLabs is a crowd-sourced sports-betting tips site. Post your own picks, track your results, and buy tips from the site’s most successful users.

The Poker Media Ecosystem Explained

The poker media is often criticized as being overly pro-industry, but is it all about money? Here’s how to use the voice you didn’t know you had.

Remko Rinkema vs. Jason Mo: a Podcast Not to be Missed

Writer Remko Rinkema and professional Twitter troll Jason Mo will face off this Friday on Joey Ingram’s podcast, to debate ethics in poker journalism.

Beyond Poker: Reiner Knizia’s Deck Buster

What do you get when you cross video poker with an award-winning German board game designer? Reiner Knizia’s Deck Buster, that’s what.