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Poker Rankings Update: Kaverman Overtakes Mercier

Due to WCOOP, September was all about online poker. Live leaderboards are largely unchanged, while PocketFives’s online rankings have been shaken up.

The Difference Between Playing Poker and Teaching It

Daniel Negreanu has said that only elite players can produce the best poker books and videos, but there’s more to teaching than just knowing the material.

Book Review: Jonathan Little on Live No Limit Cash Games Volumes 1 & 2

Review of Jonathan Little’s two-volume series on Live No Limit Holdem Cash Games

Montreal Poker Expo Main Event Trip Report

Our writer Alex Weldon played in the $1100 Montreal Poker Expo Main Event at Playground Poker. He didn’t make it through Day 1, unfortunately, but here are his thoughts on the experience.

Montreal Poker Expo Main Event Preview

The Montreal Poker Expo Main Event kicks off tomorrow, with starting flights Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Our writer Alex Weldon will be doing a trip report.

Video Review: Zach Elwood’s Reading Poker Tells

Zachary Elwood is one of the most well-respected teachers when it comes to physical and verbal poker tells. He’s written two books and many articles on the subject, and most recently a series of videos, which we review here.

Pokerstoker: a HUD Replacement for the Casual Player

Pokerstoker is a new web tool for casual poker players. It provides some of the bare bones functionality of a HUD, but presented in a much simpler way. Most importantly, it’s free.

Book Review: Modern Small Stakes by Nathan Williams

Modern Small Stakes is for serious students of the game. The book focuses on low limit No Limit Holdem cash games and the types of players you’ll find at these tables.

Book Review: Jonathan Little’s Excelling at No Limit Hold’ Em

Jonathan Little’s 7th book for D&B Publishing is a collaboration with 16 other poker players and enthusiasts. Find out if this poker book is right for you.

MIT Offering Free Training in How to Be a TAGFish

MIT’s OpenCourseWare program makes lectures on a variety of topics available for free to the general public. For the first time, that now includes a course in Poker Theory, but unfortunately, most of the lectures aren’t very good.