September was a relatively quiet month for live poker as many players have been busy with the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) on PokerStars. Most shifts in the live rankings have therefore had more to do with players’ older results expiring or dropping in value than with new results coming in. That’s how Byron Kaverman has overtaken Jason Mercier for the top spot in the Global Poker Index, despite neither player having any cashes this month.

Global Poker Index

About the rankings: The GPI ranks the top players in the world according to a system which awards points for tournament cashes based on buy-in, field size and finish position. Tournaments over the past three years are considered, but the weight accorded to older results diminishes with time.

The current Top 10

#1 Byron Kaverman – 4,257.36 pts. (#3 last month)
#2 Jason Mercier – 4,200.41 pts. (#1 last month)
#3 Anthony Zinno – 4,006.18 pts. (#2 last month)
#4 Scott Seiver – 3,920.19 pts. (#4 last month)
#5 Stephen Chidwick – 3,749.82 pts. (#7 last month)
#6 Nicholas Petrangelo – 3,710.07 pts. (#5 last month)
#7 Paul Volpe – 3,699.56 pts. (#6 last month)
#8 Dominik Nitsche – 3,620.49 pts. (NEW)
#9 Martin Finger – 3,607.46 pts. (NEW)
#10 Bryn Kenney – 3,590.78 pts. (#8 last month)


Mustapha Kanit – #9 -> #11
Davidi Kitai – #10 -> #19

The Skinny: Very little has changed in the GPI Top 10 this month, with Scott Seiver the only player involved to have recorded a cash in September. Ironically, the 245.46 points he scored for his 4th place finish in the $25,000 Aria High Roller were almost exactly what was needed to compensate for the expiration of older results, resulting in both his score and position in the rankings remaining essentially unchanged since last month, although it did move him up two spots for Player of the Year. All other score changes are the result of the functioning of the GPI system itself.

On the Move: For the most part, players in the Top 10 have had their scores either decline due to the decreased weighting or expiration of older results. Byron Kaverman and Stephen Chidwick have each gained a few hundred points, however, due to another quirk of the GPI system, namely the results cap.

Players are only credited for up to a fixed number of cashes per six-month period, with their lowest-scoring cashed dropped if they exceed this number. Those six-month windows are counted backwards from the current date, however, and so change with time; occasionally, an event which was previously excluded due to this rule shifts out of a period which was over the limit and into one which is under it. Thus, points can seemingly appear out of nowhere, even when a player has not been cashing.

In Kaverman’s case, this effect was enough to give him a narrow lead of around 57 points for the top spot, putting an end to Mercier’s 10-week reign. Kaverman is now the 11th player to have held the top spot in the GPI at some point. Either he or Mercier could easily cement the lead for a while with a single decent cash, while Anthony Zinno and Scott Seiver are also easily within striking distance.

Player of the Year 2015

#1 Anthony Zinno – 4,461.20 pts. (#1 last month)
#2 Byron Kaverman – 4,292.41 pts. (#2 last month)
#3 Nicholas Petrangelo – 4,076.11 pts. (#3 last month)
#4 Dzmitry Urbanovich – 3,955.62 pts. (#4 last month)
#5 Connor Drinan – 3,771.11 pts. (#5 last month)
#6 Scott Seiver – 3,762.46 pts. (#8 last month)
#7 Jason Mercier – 3,751.99 pts. (#6 last month)
#8 Paul Volpe – 3,651.76 pts. (#7 last month)
#9 Joe Kuether – 3,473.30 pts. (NEW)
#10 Stephen Chidwick – 3,473.17 pts. (#9 last month)


Steve O’Dwyer – #10 -> #11

Card Player

About the rankings: Unfortunately, with the demise of BLUFF Magazine, there is no longer an alternative to the GPI for a “rolling average” style power ranking. Card Player does, however, provide an alternative Player of the Year leaderboard, which compared to GPI’s gives greater consideration to large field sizes than to high buy-ins, and to deep runs and wins much more than to frequency of smaller cashes.

Player of the Year

#1 Anthony Zinno – 6,632 pts. (#1 last month)
#2 Nick Petrangelo – 5,134 pts. (#2 last month)
#3 Joe Kuether – 4,858 pts. (#4 last month)
#4 Jason Mercier – 4,294 pts. (#3 last month)
#5 Byron Kaverman – 3,777 pts. (#5 last month)
#6 Dzimitry Urbanovich – 3,723 pts. (#6 last month)
#7 Ivan Luca – 3,493 pts. (#7 last month)
#8 Paul Volpe – 3,275 pts. (#8 last month)
#9 Mustapha Kanit – 3,260 pts. (#9 last month)
#10 Taylor Paur – 3,144 pts. (#10 last month)

The Skinny: Here we see even less movement than in GPI’s rankings. Of the Top 10 player, only Joe Kuether cashed in September, with a trio of results including two final tables at the WPT Borgata (in a $1580 Turbo and the $3500 Main Event). These were enough to catapult him from a fairly distance 4th into a solid 3rd, with only a few hundred points now separating him and 2nd place Nick Petrangelo.

Pocket Fives

About the rankings: Pocket Fives rankings are the equivalent of the GPI for the online poker world. It considers only the past year’s worth of results, with older results decaying in value and only the best 40 results for each player being counted. Needless to say, this system and the fast pace of online play make this leaderboard quite volatile, especially during major series like this month’s WCOOP.

The current Top 10

#1 eisenhower1 – 8,113.22 pts. (NEW)
#2 Tiny_molester – 6,809.97 pts. (NEW)
#3 NigDawG – 6,800.55 pts. (NEW)
#4 aguskb – 6,774.73 pts. (#2 last month)
#5 legenden – 6,616.70 pts. (NEW)
#6 PokerKaiser – 6,601.69 pts. (#3 last month)
#7 cswami – 6,519.40 pts. (NEW)
#8 Fresh_Oo_D – 6,511.92 pts. (NEW)
#9 veea – 6,472.99 pts. (#5 last month)
#10 mjw006 – 6,456.65 pts. (NEW)

The Skinny: As expected, the Pocket Fives rankings this month bear almost no resemblance to last month’s, as a result of WCOOP. As I said last month, this year’s WCOOP schedule was so loaded with high buy-in events that it was essentially equivalent to having a Sunday lineup plus a Super Tuesday or Thursday Thrill every day for most of the month.

Only “aguskb,” “PokerKaiser” and “veea” remain from last month’s Top 10, and all are down both in terms of points and standing. The new top dog, meanwhile, is Sweden’s Christian “eisenhower1” Jeppsson who put together a truly remarkable September – including a win in WCOOP-61 $700 NL Hold’em [1R1A] – to give himself over 8000 points. It’s easy to see how impressive this is if you look at how tightly spaced all the other scores in the Top 10 are: only about 350 points separate 2nd and 10th, while eisenhower1’s lead is nearly four times that.