Despite the EPT Malta and WSOP Europe, October was a pretty quiet month for live poker rankings. In a way, the lack of a shakeup in the top ranks is itself the story of the month, as with no November Niners in striking distance, the WSOP Player of the Year race is effectively over, with Mike Gorodinsky hanging on to the top spot, despite the best efforts of Jason Mercier and others to catch him.

Global Poker Index

About the rankings: The GPI World Poker Rankings rates the top players in the world according to a system which awards points for tournament cashes based on buy-in, field size and finish position. Tournaments over the past three years are considered, but the weight accorded to older results diminishes with time.

The current Top 10

#1 Byron Kaverman – 4,203.23 pts. (#1 last month)
#2 Jason Mercier – 4,200.22 pts. (#2 last month)
#3 Anthony Zinno – 3,975.21 pts. (#3 last month)
#4 Scott Seiver – 3,896.10 pts. (#4 last month)
#5 Nicholas Petrangelo – 3,816.52 ppts. (#6 last month)
#6 Mustapha Kanit – 3,793.16 pts. (NEW)
#7 Davidi Kitai – 3,755.74 pts. (NEW)
#8 Paul Volpe – 3,745.62 pts. (#7 last month)
#9 Mike McDonald – 3,709.66 pts. (NEW)
#10 Steve O’Dwyer – 3,695.17 pts. (NEW)


Stephen Chidwick – #5 -> #11
Bryn Kenney – #10 -> #12
Dominik Nitsche – #8 -> #13
Martin Finger – #9 -> #16

The Skinny: For the second month in a row, we see very little movement in the upper half of the Top 10. Byron Kaverman is currently down by around 50 points, but his win in the EPT Malta €10,300 High Roller is still pending inclusion and should put considerable distance between him and Jason Mercier, who had, until that point, been closing in on reclaiming his throne.

Mercier, for his part, actually logged three cashes in the month of October, but the GPI only allows a fixed number of cashes to be counted from any six month period. None of his performances this month were good enough to shift his total, though they do buy him some insurance as older results begin to expire, as well as moving him up two spots in the Player of the Year race.

The only new entry into the Top 5 is Nicholas Petrangelo, who moves up from 6th place with a final table at the EPT Malta €25,000 High Roller.

On the Move: Mustapha “lasagnaaammm” Kanit is back into the Top 10 with a 3rd place finish in the WSOPE €25,600 High Roller. It’s unfortunate that he’d dropped out just as he entered the Top 10 in the PocketFives online rankings, but then got displaced from the latter due to WCOOP just as he makes it back into the GPI Top 10. The way he’s been playing, it seems likely he’ll manage to be on both lists at once some day soon.

Mike “Timex” McDonald has also had a good month, winning the same €25,000 High Roller that helped Petrangelo. Davidi Kitai and Steve O’Dwyer have also squeaked back onto the list, which they’d both dropped off of in the past couple of months.

In the Books: Meanwhile, the standings for the WSOP Player of the Year are essentially finalized. The November Nine is yet to be played out, of course, but none of the surviving players are in position to place very well; Federico Butteroni has the best score of the lot, but even he is only in 93rd place, with 985.45 points. The Top 10 is therefore locked in, with Mike Gorodinsky fading a High Roller last stand by Ismael Bojang and Stephen Chidwick to take home the crown. Jonathan Duhamel and Kevin MacPhee are the runners up.

Player of the Year 2015

#1 Anthony Zinno – 4,461.20 pts. (#1 last month)
#2 Byron Kaverman – 4,454.84 pts. (#2 last month)
#3 Nicholas Petrangelo – 4,356.98 pts. (#3 last month)
#4 Dzmitry Urbanovich – 4,095.19 pts. (#4 last month)
#5 Jason Mercier – 4007.51 pts. (#7 last month)
#6 Steve O’Dwyer – 3,969.13 pts. (NEW)
#7 Connor Drinan – 3,771.11 pts. (#5 last month)
#8 Scott Seiver – 3,762.46 pts. (#6 last month)
#9 Erik Seidel – 3,759.92 pts. (NEW)
#10 Barry Hutter – 3,681.94 pts. (#NEW)


Paul Volpe – #8 -> #11
Joe Kuether – #9 -> #14
Stephen Chidwick – #10 -> #16

WSOP Player of the Year

#1 Mike Gorodinsky – 2,251.81 pts.
#2 Jonathan Duhamel – 2,174.64 pts.
#3 Kevin MacPhee – 2,168.98 pts.
#4 Brian Hastings – 2,122.53 pts.
#5 Shaun Deeb – 2,056.40 pts.
#6 Anthony Zinno – 1,942.72 pts.
#7 Paul Volpe – 1,889.46 pts.
#8 Ismael Bojang – 1,808.40 pts.
#9 Stephen Chidwick – 1,764.68 pts.
#10 Max Pescatori – 1,670.35 pts.

Card Player

About the rankings: Card Player unfortunately does not have a rolling leaderboard to compete with the GPI’s, but it does provide an alternative Player of the Year leaderboard. Compared to GPI’s, Card Player’s system gives greater consideration to large field sizes than to high buy-ins, and to deep runs and wins much more than to frequency of smaller cashes.

Player of the Year

#1 Anthony Zinno – 6,632 pts. (#1 last month)
#2 Joe Kuether – 5,658 pts. (#3 last month)
#3 Nick Petrangelo – 5,526 pts. (#2 last month)
#4 Byron Kaverman – 5,342 pts. (#5 last month)
#5 Jason Mercier – 4,294 pts. (#4 last month)
#6 Mustapha Kanit – 3,860 pts. (#9 last month)
#7 Dzmitry Urbanovich – 3,723 pts. (#6 last month)
#8 Kevin MacPhee – 3,710 pts. (NEW)
#9 Steve O’Dwyer – 3,635 pts. (NEW)
#10 Ivan Luca – 3,493 pts. (#7 last month)


Paul Volpe – #8 -> #13
Taylor Paur – #10 -> #14

The Skinny: Anthony Zinno is still in the lead on both Player of the Year leaderboards, but his margin is much more commanding by Card Player’s reckoning, with nearly 1,000 points still separating him from his closest competition in Joe Kuether. It’s a much more tightly-fought contest for the next few spots however, with this month seeing Joe Kuether swap places with Nick Petrangelo (Kuether up to 2nd, Petrangelo down to 3rd), and Byron Kaverman also vaulting past Jason Mercier to join them in the 5000+ point club.

Pocket Fives

About the rankings: Pocket Fives rankings are the equivalent of the GPI for the online poker world. It considers only the past year’s worth of results, with older results decaying in value and only the best 40 results for each player being counted. Needless to say, this system and the fast pace of online play make this leaderboard quite volatile, especially during major series like this month’s WCOOP.

The current Top 10

#1 eisenhower1 – 8,024.95 pts. (#1 last month)
#2 NigDawG – 7,008.47 pts. (#3 last month)
#3 prebzzz – 6,802.00 pts. (NEW)
#4 Tiny_molester – 6,761.29 pts. (#2 last month)
#5 Yaya24 – 6,656.43 pts. (NEW)
#6 C Darwin2 – 6,635.95 pts. (NEW)
#7 cswami – 6,594.32 pts. (#7 last month)
#8 lena900 – 6,534.74 pts. (NEW)
#9 jbrown8777 – 6,522.61 pts. (NEW)
#10 veeea – 6,411.26 pts. (#9 last month)

The Skinny: As a result of his astounding September, Christian “eisenhower1” Jeppsson continues to hold a comfortable 1000-point lead in the Pocket Fives rankings, and should continue to for the next few months, until either his recent results expire or someone else goes on a comparable heater.

Aside from him, the rankings have been as chaotic as usual, with five new names on the list. Christopher Brammer, whose offensive username I don’t feel like typing a second time, has moved into the #2 spot mostly due to a 2nd place finish in the PokerStars Sunday Supersonic towards the end of the month.

The biggest movement of the month comes, however, from Sweden’s Preben Holm Paulsen, aka “prebzzz,” who rocketed into 3rd with multiple final tables across a number of sites. These include a couple of wins – in iPoker’s iPOPS-1H €30,000 Gtd and a small turbo on PartyPoker – but the most significant of his cashes this month was a 4th place finish in the $150,000 WHALE on 888poker.