A group of heads-up poker pros are still handily winning a competition against the poker computer Claudico, with the contest nearly three-quarters complete.

With 54,900 out of the scheduled 80,000 hands played, the team of Doug Polk, Dong Kim, Jason Les and Bjorn Li held an advantage of $589,633 (virtual money) over Claudico, a no-limit heads-up hold’em program developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The team of pros has been winning pretty much from the start, although they have hovered at a lead of about half a million for much of the competition. After the opening weekend last week, the pros led by $165K.

Polk and Li continue to be the stalwarts of the team, with each holding an advantage of about $320K over Claudico. Kim is up more than $130K, while Les is down about $190K.

You can check out the scoreboard below:

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Despite the long hours of grinding, the humans in the competition are keeping their sense of humor:

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