Poker pro Phil Ivey is appearing in a commercial for the new Chrysler 300 for a second time, this time taking on a prominent role.

The commercial — called “Best in Class” — shows scenes of Ivey and the car being promoted in what appears to be Las Vegas. There are tight shots of Ivey walking and driving the car. There is no reference or scene in the 30-second spot to Ivey playing poker.

Like the initial commercial, it’s dramatic and stylish. However, the use of Ivey seems a bit curious. The fact that the commercial is taking place in Las Vegas is not terribly obvious. And if you don’t play poker and don’t know who Phil Ivey is, you’d have little sense of why Ivey is in the commercial, other than he appears to be a guy who is very successful and in turn is driving a Chrysler 300.

It seems to us like he should be shown at a poker table with a pile of cash and/or chips in front of him. Maybe even with a pair of kings; after all, the first commercial showing Ivey is called “The Kings and Queens of America.” Ivey is generally considered the best all-around poker player on the planet, and owns 10 World Series of Poker bracelets.

The commercial is part of Chrysler’s “Drive Proud” campaign, which “celebrates the Americans who have earned their success, from entrepreneurs and small-business owners to self-employed contractors, designers and artists,” according to a press release.

You can watch the initial commercial, which Ivey appears in briefly, below: