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PokerStars Launches Spin-and-Rake for Cash Games

PokerStars has unveiled its latest offering, cash games with a randomized rake. Great new concept, or something you’d have to be a fool to play?

Poker Tells: Is Your Opponent Actually a Horse?

You’ve heard poker players talk about their ‘horse’ in a tournament, but do you know how to spot one?

Lusardi Sentenced to Five Years, Terrible Joke Ensues

Christian Lusardi has been sentenced to five years in prison for counterfeiting chips, but what can be done about the terrible ‘flush’ jokes?

Forum Files: How to Put a Forum on Tilt

Almost anything will cause half of the users on any given forum to fly into a rage. Getting a rise out of an entire forum is harder.

We Have Chessboxing, Why Not Pokerfighting?

Doug Polk and Doc Sands are negotiating the possibility of a boxing match between the two of them for $500,000. Given that chessboxing is a real sport, this seems like the perfect opportunity to invent pokerfighting.

BigDog Accidentally Twitches Porn, Gets Banned

Casey ‘bigdogpckt5s’ Jarzabek has been banned from Twitch for accidentally streaming pornography. Fans are on Twitter trying to get him unbanned.

Life Odds You Didn’t Expect

If life has one rule, it’s that anything is possible. But you don’t need to hit the casinos to play the odds.

“Poker Automatics” Scam is a Comedy Goldmine

Internet scams are no laughing matter, except when they are. This crowd-funded bot ring is such a transparent Ponzi scheme, it’s worth a look just for the giggles.

A Historical Guide to Poker Strategies

Who was the first the check-raise, steal the blinds, or slow play? Find out in this historical infographic.

Weekly HSR: Antonius, Hansen Bounce Back, Ivey and Dwan Quiet

High Stakes Report

Antonius and Hansen bounce back, durrrr and Ivey are quiet, and kagome kagome posts big losses. Check out who won and who lost in our weekly look at Full Tilt’s high-stakes cash games.

Oregon Seeking to Outlaw Light Three Betting Preflop

Oregon Flag

Another setback for online poker players today, as the State of Oregon announced legislation that aims to outlaw the common practice of three betting light by residents playing online poker.

Vince McMahon Buys the World Series of Poker

hellmuthchair2 copy

In this parody article we examine the implications of a WWESOP.

Fox Announces Plans for “Low Stakes Poker”


A satirical news story imagining how High Stakes Poker might look if the stakes weren’t so high

Obama Challenges Ahmadinejad to HU4ROLLZ


In this parody news article, we suggest an easier way for the US and Iran to reconcile their differences – HU4ROLLZ!! ++11

Online Poker vs Live Poker


Tony Dunst outlines the relative pros and cons of live poker and online poker in this poker humor article