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A Historical Guide to Poker Strategies

Who was the first the check-raise, steal the blinds, or slow play? Find out in this historical infographic.

Weekly HSR: Antonius, Hansen Bounce Back, Ivey and Dwan Quiet

High Stakes Report

Antonius and Hansen bounce back, durrrr and Ivey are quiet, and kagome kagome posts big losses. Check out who won and who lost in our weekly look at Full Tilt’s high-stakes cash games.

Oregon Seeking to Outlaw Light Three Betting Preflop

Oregon Flag

Another setback for online poker players today, as the State of Oregon announced legislation that aims to outlaw the common practice of three betting light by residents playing online poker.

Vince McMahon Buys the World Series of Poker

hellmuthchair2 copy

In this parody article we examine the implications of a WWESOP.

Fox Announces Plans for “Low Stakes Poker”


A satirical news story imagining how High Stakes Poker might look if the stakes weren’t so high

Obama Challenges Ahmadinejad to HU4ROLLZ


In this parody news article, we suggest an easier way for the US and Iran to reconcile their differences – HU4ROLLZ!! ++11

Online Poker vs Live Poker


Tony Dunst outlines the relative pros and cons of live poker and online poker in this poker humor article

Full Tilt Poker Signs Stevie Wonder


Is there anyone FTP and PokerStars haven’t signed? We mock the endorsement stampede in this parody news article.

Phil Hellmuth Tries to Dodge Bullet, Fails


We mock Phil Hellmuth’s legendary self-confidence in this parody news article

World Poker Tour Rebrands as Wyoming Poker Tour


Time to kick the WPT while they’re down. We take our shot with this satirical news story about their best hope for a profitable future.

How To Write Bad Beat Stories

Poker chips

Many years ago, some caveman or another came up with the brilliant idea that “hey, fish don’t fight as well as dinosaurs, let’s eat them instead”. Thus fishing was born. However, fishing is about as exciting as an extreme aging competition in your local home, so to pass the time, the aforementioned cavemen invented fish [...]

The History Of Texas Hold ‘Em

Recently adapted into a gentleman’s game, Texas Hold ‘Em has a long, scandalous history that may tarnish its new-found reputation as a sport played by fellows of the utmost honor and cleanliness. What follows is a well-researched account of the trail Texas Hold ‘Em has trodden to become the phenomenon it is today.
Invented by [...]

The Seven Stages of Ace King


Psychologists often refer to the 7 stages of grief that accompany any significant loss in an individual’s life. We certainly think AK qualifies as a traumatic event in the lives of poker players, and know the stages all too well:
1) Denial: “There’s no way I could’ve missed the flop. They were suited. I can call [...]

PokerStars adds rabid howler monkey to team of sponsored pros


THE INTERNET — In a move that has drawn sharply divided reactions from the online poker community, popular online poker room PokerStars announced this week that they have added a rabid howler monkey to Team PokerStars, the room’s roster of sponsored pros.

PokerStars Marketing Executive Peter Simmons explained the logic behind the decision in a phone [...]

PPA Hires Phil Ivey to Stare at Congressmen


WASHINGTON D.C. – Leading online poker lobbying group The Poker Player’s Alliance (PPA) announced today a sharp turn in their lobbying tactics – the hiring of Phil Ivey for the exclusive purpose of staring at Congressmen who are opposed to online poker regulation.
Michael Bolcerek, president of the PPA, explained the decision. “We thought we were [...]