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What are online poker training sites?

Poker training sites, also commonly called poker coaching sites, come in a variety of flavors but all follow a shared core recipe: giving you access to the thought process of players via video recordings, generally for a monthly fee.

What is the best poker coaching site / the best poker training site?

As with may poker-relatred questions, the answer is "it depends". Different poker training sites focus on different types of games you're interested in learning more about.

How do I do a poker training site comparison?

At the top of all of our online poker training site reviews you'll find a quick summary of the site that includes basic info about price, focus, and other details. You can use that tool, or you can review our poker training site comparison chart here.

Why should I trust PTP's poker training site reviews?

Our reviews are written by real players who use the sites. In all cases, we recive NO compensation for the review besides access (usually temporary) to the site being reviewed.

Are internet poker training sites scams?

As with any industry, there are certainly some people operating on the fringe who offer "systems" that will allow you to "instantly profit" at poker. Beware poker coaching sites that make such exaulted promises - it's usually a sign of a poker training site that isn't worth the money. The sites we've reviewed are all credible sites with a long history in the industry.

Online poker coaching sites - are they worth it?

Again, it depends. If you're a casual player, then the price of some training sites may be a turn off. However, if you're spending a good amount of time playing poker and looking to make some money from the game, the insights that a good online poke r coaching and training site can provide will often easily outstrip the monthly fee you pay to be a member.



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