Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo recently posted a picture of himself playing poker, leading to speculation that he could be joining PokerStars as a sponsored pro.

Ronaldo, one of the most famous soccer players on the planet, appears to be using PokerStars-branded chips in a picture he posted on his Instagram account:

Nice time to have my favourite hand. 7♥ 7 ♣ ‪#‎fullhouse‬ ‪#‎CR7‬ ‪#‎poker‬

A photo posted by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) on

Whether that is by design or because he just happens to own PokerStars chips is obviously unknown, but it does seem hard to believe it is a coincidence.

PokerStars has a very limited roster of “SportsStars”:
–Soccer legend Ronaldo.
–Tennis star Rafael Nadal.
–Field hockey’s Fatima Moreira de Melo.
–Cross-country skier Marcus Hellner.

The idea of adding the Real Madrid star from Portugal to PokerStars’ roster would provide a lot of visibility for PokerStars among soccer fans; the only weird part would be having two different “Ronaldos” under contract.

The addition of a soccer star might make even more sense, considering that PokerStars’ parent company, Amaya Gaming, is looking into launching a daily fantasy sports product via PokerStars this year. PokerStars could leverage its gaming license in several European jurisdictions to offer DFS products based on soccer.

The big question is how much a sponsorship of Ronaldo would cost, and whether that is in PokerStars’ budget. Ronaldo is sponsored by the likes of Nike, and would be a big ticket item, even for a company as large as Amaya/PokerStars.

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