PartyPoker NJ player ‘AA5454’ outlasted ‘BillBelichick’ in the Sunday $50,000 Guaranteed tourney, taking the top prize of more than $10,000.

For the second week in a row, there was no chop in the biggest weekly tourney in New Jersey. The Sunday $50K surpassed its guarantee, and AA5454 got a payday of $10,695.69. BillBelichick won more than $7K for second place. ‘Deuxexmachina,’ who won this tournament just last month, came up a bit short this time around, finishing in fourth place.

The two players in the heads-up battle at the end stayed out of a lot of the big hands and eliminations, leaving the dirty work to Deuxexmachina and ‘esther1658,’ who entered the final table with the chip lead. The latter made it to three-handed play, when she ran into the pocket aces of AA5454. Esther1658 got all the chips in the pot on the turn, holding top pair with A-9, but was well behind before a blank came on the river.

AA5454 held a nearly 4-to-1 chip lead over BillBelichick when heads-up play began. After further crippling his opponent’s stack, AA5454 called a shove with 97o against a pair of sixes. A nine came on the flop and the board ran out harmlessly to give him the title.

Here were the payouts for the tournament:

1, AA5454, $10,695.69
2, BillBelichick, $7,385.71
3, esther1658, $5,259.18
4, Deuxexmachina, $4,344.54
5, dhimp20, $3,715.72
6, PokerChch102, $3,144.07
7, kingdalian, $2,572.42
8, FearlessFreep2, $2,000.77
9, ryeagles87, $1,429.12

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