He’s crushed pros, but how will Isildur1 handle a casual player? We’ll find out this Sunday at 3pm ET on PokerStars.

That’s when Viktor “Isildur1” Blom will take on Hungarian player DodgyFish72, the first player to qualify for a match against Blom via the Superstar Showdown. To date the matches have been by request, but DodgyFish72 worked his way through a variety of online qualifiers to turn a buy in of $11 into a shot at Isildur1 and some serious cash.

Relatively, of course. This edition of the Superstar Showdown will work a bit differently than past matches. The standard Superstar Showdown match involves Blom and his opponent facing off at 4 tables of 50/100 blind NLHE with $150,000 in play on both sides. In this qualifier version, Blom will compete against DodgyFish72 at the 5/10 blind level.

PokerStars is putting up the bankroll for DodgyFish72, and this round of the Superstar Showdown has a twist – DodgyFish72 gets to keep whatever he’s got left after 2,500 hands. If either Blom or DodgyFish72 busts, their opponent gets a $10k bonus.

So who is DodgyFish72? Here’s a PTR graph:


That’s quite a difference from the graph of Blom’s previous opponents. It will be interesting to see how Blom adjusts, if at all, to an opponent who is likely to approach the game in a much different fashion than his typical competition.

We still think Stars could greatly improve the Showdown with a few simple changes. Visit PokerStars for complete info on the Superstar Showdown.