QueensMy first time playing Online Poker

I was first introduced to Online Poker by a couple of good friends, it was the summer of 2001, University was over and as such so was our weekly lads game of cards together with its obvious lewd and crude chat. We were all back home for the hot months and were missing the weekly game. Not that we were playing anything like a major poker tournament, but to us it was a $20 pot with a double-buy back-in option. So it was with the Internet driving every corner of society that we stumbled upon a handful of websites that had hundreds of posted articles giving hints and tips for winning big in online poker. The first night my mates came round and we sat together in front of my PC and played poker with people we’d never met and are unlikely to ever meet, all living and playing in countries we have never and will never visit. The adrenaline rush was amazing, the internet had connected us to a virtual world where cards and chips ruled and the opportunities to win big were prevalent at every poker website we visited

Online Poker rules were easy to learn

Since we’d all been playing poker for a couple of years, the transition to online poker was quite easy, just some minor etiquette issues to learn and in minutes were playing, winning and chatting to our opponents using the integrated chat feature. They say poker is like riding a bike, you never forget the basic laws, and when you get on a new bike it doesn’t take long to learn its unique characteristics, but at the end of the day, playing poker at a real table is no different than playing inside your own virtual world. To say we were blown away with technology (and winnings) that summer would be an understatement. In recent years the internet gaming sites have expanded their repertoire of poker games, and launched hundreds of online and offline poker tournaments.

My New Poker Buddies

Since that summer we have extended our poker group to a couple of people we met and have been playing with online for years, we’ve still not met them in person, but after endless nights calling cards and sharing experiences we feel like we’ve known them a lifetime. Over the last few years we’ve experimented with most of the big online poker and casino websites, our favorite is at PokerStars where we now have a scheduled twice-weekly game, in one way its replaced our traditional guys night out, but now are nights are longer and not restricted by travel time or other inconveniences.

My first Poker Tournament

It was about 6 months after I learned to play online poker that I was selected by the website to enter one of their super tournaments. A 6 week extravaganza of knock-out rounds and winner takes all pots. They started with over 2000 players from around the world, and the final 10 would go off-line and play for a million dollar pot in one of Europe’s most glamorous holiday resorts. Needless to say my poker play is not quite at that level yet, but I did get into the final 100 and walked away with a handsome $5000 for a few evenings fun playing online poker.