A new petition has been posted that is asking United States lawmakers to pass legislation that would regulate online poker.

The petition, started by the Poker Players Alliance, a lobbying group in the U.S., is aimed at a dozen Republicans in the hopes of persuading them of the need for online poker regulation.

The petition is nearly halfway to its goal of 10,000 signatures.

You can view and sign the petition, which was started by PPA Vice President of Player Relations Rich Muny, here. The text of the petition appears below:

It is Time for Congress to Pass Legislation to License Online Poker!

Rather than seeking to ban online poker in the U.S., our elected officials should instead seek to license the game. Adults should have the right to play poker in their own homes on their own computers if they so choose.

Appropriate regulation of online poker will put the U.S. in charge of safeguarding responsible adult players, preventing underage participation and protecting those with excessive gaming habits. The current, unregulated U.S. marketplace does not guarantee a single consumer protection.

With the December Justice Department determination that the Wire Act applies to sports betting only (and not to person-to-person games of skill like poker or even to house banked casino-style games of chance), it is time for Congress to revisit this issue.

The National Fraternal Order of Police recently sent House and Senate leaders a letter urging Congress to pass legislation to license and regulate online poker. With this action, they joined former FBI Director Louis Freeh and former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge in seeking common-sense action to address this very important issue.

HR 2366, Rep. Barton’s (R-TX) Online Poker Act, is pending in the House. This bill takes the right approach. It provides revenue for the federal deficit and creates new jobs — without raising taxes. It also mandates strong consumer protection and effective age verification. U.S.-based horse race wagering sites have proven that online betting sites can successfully implement these protections.

Thank you for your consideration.