Full Tilt has a history of tinkering with the status quo of poker, and that reputation was bolstered with the introduction of what could be a game-changer for online poker: Rush Poker.

While Rush Poker shares the same fundamental rules as its non-Rush counterparts, it’s different enough that players have a number of questions regarding the format, questions we try to answer as thoroughly as possible in this Rush Poker guide.

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How Does it Work?
Can I Multi-Table Rush Poker?
What Games Can I Play?
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How Should I Change My Game?
How Much Can I Earn an Hour Playing Rush Poker With Rakeback?

Rush Poker: How It Works

Rush Poker is such a simple concept that it’s a little surprising we’re just seeing the innovation at this stage of the online game. Here’s how it works, in a nutshell: when you sit down at a Rush Poker table, you’re essentially joining a large group of players and not just a single table. Let’s call that group the ‘cloud’.

For a hand of Rush Poker table to be dealt, FTP essentially picks nine (or six, if it’s a shorthanded table) players from the cloud, sits them at a table, and deals a hand of poker. Once any player exits from the hand, they immediately return to the ‘cloud’ and are eligible to be picked to play another hand.

That would be a drag if the player pool was small or the software was laggy, but FTP seems to have both covered. In testing of Rush Poker table, hands moved very fluidly from one to the next, and the average hands per hour you’d expect at a normal table are increased by several hundred percent at a rush poker table. It’s aptly named – in many ways you see more action than you do even during certain points of multitabling, because once you fold (or even chose a special quick-fold button) you are immediately moved on to a new hand.

Can I Multi-table Rush Poker?

Yes. You can multi-table Rush Poker, essentially holding multiple spots in the cloud. Obviously, the software never seats you with yourself.

You can play up to 4 tables of any given limit of Rush Poker.

What Rush Poker Games and Limits are Available?

For cash games, Rush Poker is available in NLHE, LE and PLO. Both full ring and 6-max games are available for no limit and fixed limit holdem. For Pot Limit Omaha, only 6-max tables are available.

Currently, the lowest available stakes for NLHE are .02/.05 and the highest are $1/$2. The lowest available stakes for PLO are .05/.10 and the highest is .50/$1.

Rush Poker tournaments are available several times a day in the FTP lobby; buy ins tend to be in the 450 and under range.

Rush Poker: How Do I Play?

You take a seat at the table in a fashion similar to taking a seat at a standard cash game table at Full Tilt Poker. First, find the games in the lobby:

Standard View:

Basic View:

Choose the limit you’d like to play from the lobby. That will bring up the ‘lobby’ for that particular cloud. To join, just click the join now button in the top right:


Once you click join, you’ll be taken to the buy in screen, where you decide how much money you’d like to sit down with. You can reload at any time from within Rush Poker.


Once you’ve bought in, you’ll move to a countdown screen. After a quick 3-2-1 you’ll immediately be dealt into a hand.


From that point on, the moment you exit a hand, you’ll immediately move on to another hand. It is the fastest poker you can play at a single table, hands-down. If you want it to move even quicker, you can select the ‘quick fold option’ that allows you to pre-fold your hand before the action gets to you and moves you straight into another hand.


What Strategy Should I Use For Rush Poker?

The game is new and fairly dynamic, so rather than suggesting specific strategies we’ll instead recommend a couple of articles we’ve published regarding tools that can help you succeed at Rush Poker:

Tools for helping you beat Rush Poker
Custom HUD (heads-up display) for Rush Poker

How Much Can I Make With Rakeback and Rush Poker?

It varies per player, but we’ve worked out that about $20 an hour is a good estimate for someone 4-tabling a mix of .50/1 and $1/2 6 max games. Especially if you use Table Ninja, racking up hands in Rush Poker is disgustingly easy – the quick fold button allows you to cram in several thousand hands in just an hour or two.

Thinking about playing Rush Poker? Read this before you sign up for a Full Tilt Poker account.