Network Review: Everleaf Poker Network

In this installment we are going to look at the Everleaf Gaming Network.

This is another network that started as an independent site (Poker4ever) in beginning of 2006 and has always supported players from around the world, including the United States. This network had remained one of the smaller ones for many years, but a significant increase in liquidity in January when it merged with the Universal Poker Network, a non-US network that ran games in Euros (€). Each network had used the RedPlanetGaming software platform.

This network’s gaming license with the Malta Lotteries & Gaming Authority includes a clause that all player funds must be secured in segregated bank accounts in the EU, making them one of the most stable for player’s balances today.

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Cash Games

Games are offered in both USD ($) and Euros (€) at all stakes. The traffic volume on this network is heavily centered around Central European time. During European Prime time (10:30am – 7:00pm US Eastern Time) No Limit Holdem has five tables or more at stakes from 1c/2c and €0.01/€0.02 up to €1/€2, and sometimes a couple of €2/€4 tables. The Limit Holdem traffic is very low, and could use your help. You can get some PLO cash games from €0.01/€0.02 up to €1/€2.

Tournaments & Sit N Go’s

While traffic is still not great in these areas, Everleaf has really been trying to increase the number of tournaments running, including more with guarantees. Their members seem to be responding by playing in them, so I expect these numbers to only increase. Sit & Go traffic is probably the lightest of all. I would imagine if you sit at some of the small to medium SNGs during European prime times, you could get some running.



Promotions and Bonuses

Monthly Rake Races and many times stackable with Rake Chases from affiliates for huge profits.

Part Time Poker offers deals at two of the largest skins on the network, including the original, Poker4ever, and Minted Poker. You can do non-deducted signup bonuses in addition to 40% rakeback, and you can earn even more money with moderate amounts of play in each the Network and PTP-exclusive monthly Rake Chases. You can earn prizes in both Chases!

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Everleaf allows both skins and affiliates to offer a max of 40% Weighted-Contributed Rakeback (aka Rake Rebate). This type of rake is calculated based upon how much rake you actually paid. Bonuses are not deducted.

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All player funds and payment processing is completely controlled by the Everleaf network. No skins ever actually hold your money, so that should be good piece of mind for players. In the last few months the network has added several more eWallets for US players, in addition to several other US supported deposit and cashout options. This is addition to the already great support they have for several European eWallets and funding methods.


Has its ups and downs, but gets frequent updates which shows their interest in improving. It uses the Red Planet Gaming software platform.

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