Daniel Negreanu came up just short in a bid to win the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final, finishing in sixth place.

Daniele Nestola ended up winning the event in Sao Paulo, Brazil. But it was Negreanu’s deep run that had the poker community buzzing. Nestola won R$289,300 in the victory, while Negreanu took home R$48,730.

PokerStars’ blog describes his elimination here.

Negreanu faced a tough spot when, on a flop of [10d][9s][3h], Chilean Carlos Ibarra raised Negreanu’s 77,000-chip bet to 300,000. … Negreanu, with 600,000 behind his initial bet, studied the board and studied his opponent. He had raised pre-flop from under the gun and Ibarra had just called. As Negreanu considered his options, Ibarra leaned forward, leaned backwards, leaned to the side, basically leaned anywhere that allowed him to avoid Negreanu’s gaze. Negreanu, usually very talkative in these spots, said nothing for a few minutes. … He finally settled on moving all in by saying, “Ok. Todo.” Ibarra matched the bet and up slowplayed [as][ah]. They held again’st Negreanu’s top pair, [qc][10d].

If you want a more detailed report go here and for full payouts, head to the LAPT site at PokerStars’ blog.