poker_faqHow can you change your screen name on Full Tilt Poker? It’s a common question that many poker players have, and there’s a simple answer, albeit a disappointing one: you can’t.

There are two possible ways for an account to change a screen name, and neither are allowed by Full Tilt. You could first email FTP and ask them to change the name on your existing account. FTP will not do this for players.

What most players then attempt to do is to create a second account. This won’t work either, as FTP puts a lot of effort into detecting multiple accounts and you risk your account being frozen if you’re caught, as having multiple FTP accounts is a violation of their policy.

The answer? Stick with the name you have, or consider opening an account at another poker room. Enter your email below to view dozens of exclusive rakeback offers from PartTimePoker and RakeBackNation.